iPad Mini With Retina Display Now On Sale: How Does Australian Pricing Compare?

iPad Mini With Retina Display Now On Sale: How Does Australian Pricing Compare?
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Having promised a mid-November release, Apple quietly put the iPad Mini with Retina Display on sale tonight. This is what you’ll pay in Australia and how it compares to US pricing.

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These are the Australian prices in Apple’s online store, the US prices, what those would convert to at today’s exchange rate and with 10 per cent GST added, and the percentage difference:

Model $AU price $US price Converted $US price Difference
16GB Wi-Fi $479.00 $399.00 $469.62 2.00%
32GB Wi-Fi $598.00 $499.00 $587.32 1.82%
64GB Wi-Fi $699.00 $599.00 $705.02 -0.85%
128GB Wi-Fi $799.00 $699.00 $822.72 -2.88%
16GB 4G $629.00 $529.00 $622.63 1.02%
32GB 4G $749.00 $629.00 $740.33 1.17%
64GB 4G $849.00 $729.00 $858.03 -1.05%
128GB 4G $949.00 $829.00 $975.73 -2.74%

No evidence of an Australia tax there, we must say. (Remember, you need to add 10 per cent GST as well as converting; US prices don’t include sales tax, but Australian ones do.) Pity the same isn’t true for the forthcoming Mac Pro.


  • the 16gb wifi version is 17% more than the us price not 2%.

    maybe i misunderstood the maths you were doing but thats what i get

  • It might be worth measuring those prices against median incomes in the two countries too. A quick search indicates that the US Median income for 2011 was USD 50k (AUD about 54K at the Dec 2011 exchange rate) while the median income for full- and part-time earners in Australia was AUD 47k. Assuming that the ratio of these figures is still similar (as I said, it was a QUICK search) the iPad is still much more affordable in the US, since it’s a smaller percentage of the median income. I’m sure there are other numbers that we can play with e.g. more up-to-date figures for 2013, cost of running a retail business selling electronic goods, business on-costs, transport costs etc… but that’s my quickie contribution. Not that I really care. I don’t have an iPad and don’t want one.

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