The Lofted Workspace

When you don't have a lot of space to work with, build up. That's what Flickr user chemb0t does here with his lofted setup. Now he has room for a U-shaped desk (with one soldering/electronics station), three 27-inch monitors, and a place to sleep.

Hardware-wise, he's got a pretty sweet setup:

I recently underwent a few hardware upgrades for my desktop which include a liquid cooled 6-core, 64GB RAM custom machine and 3x 27" Achieva Shimian Korean IPS displays. These are mounted to the wall with monitor arms and can be pulled closer to the edge of the table if needed. The setup works really well for my 3D modelling and coding work.

The color-changing LED backlighting (powered by Arduino) is also a nice touch.

We've seen a loft desk work beautifully before, but this workspace seems to be a little more spacious. It's a great option for students or others with limited room but high enough ceilings.

Lofted Workspace 2012 [Flickr]


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