The One Room Work And Play Space

lorby351‘s workspace is tucked into the side of the living room, but that doesn’t mean it’s not sharp, well organised, and perfect for settling in to get some real work — or play — done. Here are some more photos.

The shot above is the desk area, and while lorby351 has some great shots of the whole room, they don’t say too much about its contents. From what we can see though, the dual display setup is anchored on the right by a piano, and on the left with a desk, a dual-display setup with a monitor arm coming up from the right side of it, cables neatly managed between the displays, the Ducky Shine keyboard on the desk there, and the Corsair Vengence MMO Gaming Mouse all on the top of the desk, and that CM Storm Stryker case underneath it.

Here’s another shot, leading into the room, where you can see the entertainment center (and that sweet bias lighting behind the TV, just like the lighting behind the monitors above):

Here’s a shot of the whole room, where you can see exactly how little space the workspace takes up in the corner, and the rest of the entertainment center. A LCD HDTV sits on top of the entertainment center in front of the couch, but a good eye will notice the projector in the upper right and the screen mounted to the ceiling on the left, ideally for those times when a bigger screen is necessary — movie nights? Guests perhaps? Either way, I’m also digging on the cable wrapping that slips right under the rug from the entertainment center as well.

All in all, it’s a great setup, clean, sharp, and while the workspace itself doesn’t take up too much space, the unified theme makes the whole room look like a great place to work in, or kick back and relax a bit. Hit the Flickr link below to head to the first photo in the series here and check it out yourself.

lorby351 [Flickr]