The Designer's Dream Workspace

Today's featured workspace belongs to a designer in Paris. Although he has a lot of drool-worthy hardware on his large, beautiful desk, there's still room for art toys to add some personalisation and style without cluttering up his workspace.

Sebastien Schaeffer's setup includes two 22-inch HP monitors and a 3D HP z400 workstation (Schaeffer does a lot of product and packaging design), a MacBook Pro, Wacom Intuous tablet, Nikon D90 camera, iPad 1 and Beats by Dre headphones. Like the folks at Apartment Therapy, one of my favourite parts of his workspace is the tower of paint markers and the giant sketching table behind the desk you don't see here. Click through in the link below for more photos and details.

Sebastien's Designer Desktop in Paris [Apartment Therapy]


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