The Luxury Loft Desk

Buying a loft bed is a simple solution for getting more space in a small room. Building a loft bed, complete with hardwired lighting, speakers and custom storage? That's a bit trickier and the focus of today's awesome workspace.

Lifehacker Joel Vardy has a room with a small footprint but high ceilings, so he decided to build up make room for a spacious workspace and still have a bed to sleep in. He writes about his project:

I'm Joel Vardy, 17 year old student, I hate working on small desks which allow two or three pieces of paper to be shown at a time, with my new desk I can work freely.

I use a lot of desk space with two 22" monitors, a laptop and organise all my papers when working on a project.

When a building needs a lot of space they build vertically, my room has a high ceiling, so that's what I did, I designed a desk which was under my bed.

Since I now had a surface above my desk I thought I would build some down lights and speakers into the base of my bed.

I hate wires showing, so there are holes in three corners of the desk and a fourth in the centre where the wires from my monitors and other peripherals will go.

I wanted a clean colour for my room, so the walls are white, the woodwork is just off white and the carpet is cream. I do however have a focal wall in green which looks great. I have a stack of relentless cans which add a little colour to my desk.

On the focal wall I have my TV hooked upto my PS3. Because this is behind me I haven't got into the habit of 'working' and watching TV at the same time, which is great because that never works.

All I want now is a beanbag =)

The Luxury Loft Desk [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    This is awesome! Both the construction and the decorative elements are great. I would love to see specs / details of exactly how you did the build.

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