Telstra First Bust Under The New TCP Code

Telstra First Bust Under The New TCP Code

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code came into effect from September 1. The first of its really helpful features for consumers won’t kick in until late October, but its mere existence means one provider has already been ordered to comply with the code: Telstra.

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) today announced that it had ordered Telstra to comply with the provisions in the code relating to customer privacy. That relates to Telstra’s infamous leakage of customer information onto the internet in 2011, when details for as many as 734,000 customers were readily accessible online. (ACMA had already found that Telstra had breached the previous version of the code.)

Telstra hadn’t waited for an order to fix the problem, and the issuing of the directive is more a case of ticking administrative boxes than changing anything substantial. I suspect it will be some time before we see a major fine imposed as a result of the code.



        • Seriously Telstra offers the best connection in rural NSW for mobile communications. The only reason we are with them is that it works – we also have Optus (through work) but Telstra is pretty much always connected and usable…
          Say nothing else about them they have the market in coverage.

        • Yup same here. Not sure why everyone disses Telstra. On a cap plan they offer the same deals as any other provider plus you get awsome coverage outside of town, always fast 3g coverage Anywhere. Internet may be a little more but it’s all you can get outside of major cities and it’s always been fast and reliable. I live in northern Queensland.

        • I have to agree with @drdalim and @Dolittle on this one: Telstra have the best coverage even in cities. Canberra, for example, has many black spots for mobile coverage on both Optus and Vodafone (not just 3G black spots, but zero-connectivity areas) but Telstra covers the whole city. It’s also the only mobile network which is usable when travelling throughout Australia. Their internet offerings are a bit more expensive but again, Bigpond is your only choice if you live outside of metropolitan areas.

  • +1
    Say what you will about their pricing, but the quality/speed of their internet and mobile services are second to none. People always forget that although you are paying more, you get a service that no other provider in the country can match.

    • Well really in most cases that is absurd.

      The real life experience I have had is that in the main cities the speed and reliability of Telstra is indistinguishable between Telstra and Optus and even Vodaphone (despite other issues) is nearly on a par.

      Given that Optus and Voda – especially with their resellers can be dramatically cheaper and that at least for many of the resellers their service is way better than Telstra the idea that Telstra is “premium” is a complete myth. It is not.

      New issues arise with 4th generation stuff as Telstra is the only provider in some places.

      • Sorry, disagreeing. Telstra has always and continues to be by far the most reliable network operator around here. My speeds are far beyond that of any of my friends (even on 3G), and I can’t remember ever actually having no signal.

        The rest of their services leave something to be desired in pricing and service quality but they stand as not only the best mobile provider in the country… But I’d genuinely say one of the best and most efficient in the world.

        • I’m happy to agree with Angus here. I’ve had experience with other providers for Mobile & Mobile broadband services, and without a doubt Telstra wins in each case. I’m not saying the journey with them hasn’t been perfect (in one instance not receiving bills for 8 mths, me realising & making a payment and them terminating my service, which upon reactivation caused a glitch & i was without service for 3 weeks) BUT, their customer service is leaps and bounds above other Telco providers, the coverage is better, and the speeds better.

          I think Telstra is a premium service provider, and I’m happy to pay for that.

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