Telstra Buys Adam Internet, Somewhat Surprisingly Doesn’t Want To Kill It

Telstra Buys Adam Internet, Somewhat Surprisingly Doesn’t Want To Kill It

Internet service provider (ISP) consolidation has been an unavoidable trend in Australia (just look at iiNet buying Internode). It’s not particularly surprising that Adelaide-based Adam has succumbed to the trend. It’s not even very surprising that Telstra was the buyer (TPG and iiNet would have been the other obvious options). What is unexpected is that Telstra isn’t going to simply merge Adam’s customers into its own operations.

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Confirming the purchase, which has been rumoured over the last week, Telstra has said it is planning to retain the Adam brand and deploy it nationwide. Adam’s current incarnation has concentrated heavily on servicing South Australian customers, a strategy which has seen it go head-to-head with Internode. (Underlining that rivalry, Internode quickly announced today that it was offering three months free access and free setup to South Australian customers who sign up for contracts, a move that seems designed to grab any Adam customers unhappy with being associated with Telstra.)

Rather than staying regional, Telstra says it wants to pursue the self-service aspect of Adam’s operations:

It’s a great online, low cost business that lets customers purchase and manage their own services. This model offers opportunities for growth, particularly for consumers wanting online sales and support. Customers trust the Adam brand and we’ll certainly be keeping it as we work towards further growth under Adam’s first class management team.

If that results in cheaper broadband deals, that’s a good thing. Given that talking to Telstra customer service is about as pleasant and productive as having your pubic hair gnawed off by a goat, a self-service system would be a better option for many people, I suspect.


  • As a Telstra shareholder, I should be affronted by your service description involving ‘having your pubic hair gnawed off by a goat’.

    But I’m not.

    I am, however, somewhat intrigued by the grooming habits being practiced in a least one Kidman household. But don’t feel obliged to share…


  • As an adam customer of well over a decade I’m not happy about this. I went with a Naked Adam plan to avoid telstra…

    Telstra, if you screw this up I will be switching…

    • Ditto..
      And I’m worried by this talk of “self service” as a good thing as though that’s what Adam is currently!
      That language makes it sound like Adam has a Live-Connected style “find the solution yourself” in our forums “solution” to support, when in fact it’s promptly answered calls by Australians living and working in Australia who actually know stuff about their networks and can actually fix problems themselves or get a technician to fix the problem in a reasonable time frame..
      Adam Customers love Adam cause of that support combined with competitive pricing and a reliable network.

      • +1
        Their customer service has always been fantastic and their services are reliable. I have been a customer of theirs for almost 10 years and have almost never had an issue. I’m on a WiMax connection ATM purely so I didn’t need a fixed line. Don’t fark this up Telstra or jack up the prices or I’m switching providers!

  • Reading some dumb comments here. Telstra buys Adam & now people who are clients of Adam wish to move because the service is bad, even though Telstra has not changed the org structure or anything else. Also people who want to move away from Telstra for bad service even though through public feedback Telstra is better and has gotten better then the competition in a lot of areas, not to mention their network is better. Some silly bias people.

    iiNet though is a great ISP & I recommend them to most people, but for the love of god if people dislike Telstra they should avoid TPG and Optus like the plague.

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