iiNet Buys Out Adam, Dominates SA Broadband

iiNet Buys Out Adam, Dominates SA Broadband

Well, so much for my theories. When Telstra pulled out of buying Adam Internet, I figured TPG was the most likely alternative buyer, since iiNet already had a prominent South Australian brand in the form of Internode. Turns out that wasn’t a deal-breaker, with iiNet announcing plans to acquire Adam today.

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The deal won’t be finalised until 31 August, but since (unlike Telstra’s bid) it has already received approval from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), roadblocks seem less likely. iiNet’s own quarterly results are due to be announced on 21 August.

In the short term, plans for Adam’s 70,000 customers are unlikely to change, but in the medium term, you can expect to see the deals become similar to those offered by iiNet, which typically maintains brands while making the offers identical (a pattern it followed to varying degrees with Westnet, TransACT and Netspace). Internode still has some distinctive offers but also looks increasingly like an iiNet reseller.


      • hopefully the Borg Queen can revisit iiNet and reassimilate their customer service groups and turn them back into the legendary group they once were.

  • TransACT doesn’t directly sell internet access. They’re an HFC, VDSL, and (for a limited time) fibre access provider.

    They don’t offer any consumer plans that could look like iiNet’s.

      • TransACT services have been sold through other ISPs such as iiNet, Velocity, Etc for at least the last 15 years.

        IIRC TransACT owns Grapevine, but doesn’t sell under the TransACT brand.

  • One has to be extremely content with the fact that Adam Internet was not purchased by DODO!

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