ABC iView Trialling More Unmetered ISPs

The only reason anyone shouldn't be making regular use of the ABC's iView service is if they don't have unmetered access — and a new trial makes that much more likely.

David Knox at TV Tonight reports that iView, which has just turned one, is conducting an experiment with Pipe Networks to allow smaller networks to join the existing list of ISPs (iiNet, Internode, Primus, Westnet and Adam) which don't include access to the catch-up service in monthly download quotas. It's only happening in Sydney right now, but given the ABC's national mandate, it'd be surprising if it didn't go national eventually. (Equally, it would be surprising if Telstra, Australia's biggest ISP, got on board, given its own content ambitions. But really, if you insist on using Telstra as your ISP . . .)

Happy Birthday iView [TV Tonight via Gizmodo


    "The only reason anyone shouldn’t be making regular use of the ABC’s iView service is if they don’t have unmetered access-"

    I have no idea what this is trying to convey.

    Maybe: One should only use ABC’s iView service if they have unmetered access-

      Fair point -- it's not a great sentence -- but neither's the alternative. Something like "The only reason I can think of for not using the ABC's iView service all the time is not getting unmetered access to it" is probably better.

        "Only those with unmetered access should make regular use of the ABC iView Service", perhaps?

    "Its good but at 250MB per Dr Who episode, watch your usage"

    "But really, if you insist on using Telstra as your ISP . . ."
    Yeah, cause some of us have a choice...

    Where I live the only choice is telstra nextg wireless. No DSL, no other signal for other 3G providers...ok so I lie...we can have dial-up at a whopping 30Kbps.... gosh darn telstra =(

    TPG unmetered pls :)

    Iview is awsome, i dont mind using some of my download usage to watch my fav shows :)
    condisering i have a 50 gig limit which is pretty common these days, id have to watch alot ( way to much ) iview.

    keep up the good work abc, unmetered would be nice tho )

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