TPG Wants To Buy iiNet For $1.4 Billion

TPG Wants To Buy iiNet For $1.4 Billion

TPG has just announced that it is planning to buy iiNet for a whopping $1.4 billion. That will make the combined entity Australia’s second-largest ISP.

The deal is subject to approval by iiNet shareholders, and voting on that won’t happen until June. But if it does go ahead, the combined customer footprint will be 1.7 million. Telstra, currently Australia’s largest ISP, has 2.8 million fixed data customers.

[related title=”WHAT DOES IT MEAN?” tag=”rubbishfuture” items=”1″]For customers, the big question will be whether iiNet (and its subsidiary brands Internode, Westnet and Adam) will be able to maintain its reputation for excellent customer service. TPG is rather less well regarded in that area. The announcement suggests iiNet will be retained as a “premium” brand, while TPG will be the “value-based” (read: cheap) proposition.

If you’re a customer of either provider, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.


  • What is it with TPG buying companies I invest in, first Pipe Networks now iinet.

    I’ve never used TPG but historically many people I’ve had conversations with experienced issues that I’d ascribe to contention ratio’s and oversubscribing bandwidth (that well have been fixed with all Pipe’s dark fibre)

    If they can take a hands off approach and not break the acquisitions it might work.

    I’ve been an Internode customer for over a decade for the simple reason their network just runs and if you need to contact their support they actually take the time to do a proper job and fix the issue.

    My problem is that if they do mess up the good qualities that iinet, Westnet, Internode et al are known for then where do the tech refugees go to get internet that just works?

    • I was thinking the same thing abotu my ISP choices

      Signed up with TIG, they were bought by IHUG, was bought by iiNet, now may be bought by TPG

  • iiNet Customer (was a Netspace customer before that) and if it improves their product than I could not care less. Currently I have trouble streaming YouTube and online gaming is “interesting” to say the least. I live on the Gold Coast so hardly out in the sticks either.

  • While iiNet’s service is better than TPG’s, they’ve definitely gone downhill since they started their explosive growth phase. Hope this doesn’t make it worse – there are reasons I’d stuck with iiNet.

  • Been an iiNet customer for many years and basically, they’ve been pretty great all along. I’m not real happy about TPG stepping in.

  • iiNet customer of 4 years. Have always loved their support and how they keep their customers updated.
    Recently, iiNet has been rather outspoken in their views of the governments plans for Data Retention and the crappy NBN we’ll now be getting. What effect will a TPG purchase have on these views?

  • I really hope iinet do not go through with this. i used to be with TPG and never again takes hours to get a support call answered, where as IInet, a bit extra but ive never had to wait on the phone for more than 10 minutes (due to the call back option) and whenever i’ve used that option ive always had a timely call back!

    If this went through the the service dropped i’d leave but not sure where to go to as i also would not want to give my money to the big T

  • I have the reverse experience. I haven’t placed a support call or experienced any down time with TV in two years. Before that with Jones I HD constant battles with both. One of my work colleagues was reduced to tears last week dealing with iiNet.

  • Been a customer of both TPG and iinet over the years and never had a problem with either of them (but I did have major, major problems with Telstra years before that when I was in QLD), so I’m not too fussed about this. If it makes a 3rd big player in iinet/TPG, then I’m all for it.

  • I’m an iinet customer, and not a TPG customer for a reason, and I’d prefer to not have to go elsewhere

  • TPG’s purchase of IINET will ruin the company as they have with the recent purchase of AAPT.
    TPG’s majority owner is a person whose sole intention in purchasing companies is to maximise profits at the expense of staff and customers.
    The profits are used to bankroll his families burgeoning corporate empire of 30+ companies.
    Wherever possible jobs are moved offshore to SE Asia to call centres owned by same family and any non essential staff are shown the door without so much as a thanks for many years of dedicated service.
    TPG’s appalling treatment of AAPT staff and customers after their recent takeover is testament to their company philosophy.
    Yes i have worked at AAPT and been a customer of IINET.

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