Shoot Great Video Using Just Your Phone’s Camera

Shoot Great Video Using Just Your Phone’s Camera

You don’t always need expensive gear in order to shoot good-looking videos. The folks at Wistia were tired of hearing people underestimate the power of the cameras we carry around with us, so they put together a great tutorial on how to shoot high-quality video using just your phone’s camera.

Wistia, a company that specialises in video hosting, did roll out some pretty serious lighting for the video. But the moral of the story is that positioning, lighting and light control, and the right apps for your mobile device can make all the difference when you’re going for quality. There’s no reason to consider a camera on a smartphone “not a real camera” for most people:

Technology is evolving rapidly, and these days, even the simplest of video cameras is capable of capturing solid video footage. It’s not just flip cams and point-and-shoot cameras. There’s some incredibly powerful technology built right into your smartphone. It’s not so much about buying the most expensive, cutting edge equipment as it is about focusing on other important elements of a great video, like audio, lighting, and the message that you’re trying to deliver.

Granted, their uses are largely limited to shooting HD video for the web and video podcasts. You’re probably not going to shoot the next big indie film with a pair of iPhones and some smart lighting tricks. Check out the video (plus a behind-the-scenes video that shows you how to get the same lighting they used on the cheap) at the link below.

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