How To Stop A Soft Drink Can From Fizzing Over

We've all had soft drinks explode on us once or twice, and there are quite a few rumours swirling around on how to avoid this problem. We tested a few methods out to see what works best.

Our test was inspired by this video from Steve Spangler, who claims that you can stop the fizz explosion by tapping the sides of the can before opening it. We gave it a shot, and while it it helped a little, we still had some beer overflowing out of the can. That isn't to say this trick will never work — after all, it worked for Steve — but it isn't necessarily foolproof. (For the sceptical, Snopes performed a similar test and came to the same conclusion.)

We did perform one more test, however, and that was to shake up a can and just let it sit. After about two minutes, we opened it up with no problem. So while fancy tricks may help keep you a bit more dry, the best solution is to just have a little patience — those bubbles should go away on their own after a few minutes.

Non-Exploding Soda Can - Cool Science Experiment [YouTube via Reddit]


    misleading headline!

    Tap it on the top, on the lifter twice - always works

    How I do it is by opening the can just a bit, not enough for it to fizz out but enough to hear the fizz and it will slowly trickle out at the most.

    The other one, whether it's a myth I can't remember, is to hold the can in the palm of your hand and then turn it slowly around in your hand using your other hand..

    My mate claimed the case of tapping the lid twice, the result was hilarious.
    He shook the can up and with upmost confidence tapped away. The can then exploded with half a can left all in his face and over his computer and floor. LOL.

    This is all about nucleation centers, and turbulence in the liquide provides these as well as the bubbles stuck to the walls of the can.
    Freeing the bubbles will reduce the problem, but mostly the few seconds that you spend tapping on it or whatever is what help. Just dont' be so impatient!


    I've been looking everywhere for tips on how to almost insignificantly reduce the amount of fizz coming out of a freshly opened can.

    Gonna be a GREAT weekend!

    Get a coin, hold on its edge. Tap the top of the can in its centre twice with the coin, tap underneath the can (on the bottom) twice, tap the top twice again. Then open as normal. Always works. No spills, no explosions.

    Never tried with beer but flicking the can the entire way around repeatedly with my fingernail has always worked for soft drinks.

    Pabst blue ribbon .... bloody idiot hipsters.

      More likely Dennis Hopper's son

    Get someone else to open it for you, this will keep you and your shirt clean!

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