Stop Straws From Rising In A Soft Drink Can

Stop Straws From Rising In A Soft Drink Can

If you’ve ever tried using a straw with a can of soft drink, you know what often happens: the straw comes flying out and falls onto your desk. Reddit user triggerhoppe solves this annoyance by threading the straw through the tab on the top of the can.It’s as simple as turning the tab to the side and sliding the straw through it. This keeps the straw from rising up and falling out of the can.

We know drinking through a straw helps the sugar bypass your teeth, but it has always been a pain to use a straw with a can. Every dentist in the world will tell you to just stop drinking fizzy drinks, but at least this way you can help thwart some of the negative effects without straws flying everywhere.

How to keep the straw from rising out of your soda can [reddit]


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