Get More Juice Out Of Citrus Fruit With Kitchen Tongs

Martha Stewart Living recommends squeezing lemon (or other citrus fruit of similar size) halves with a set of kitchen tongs to get more juice than you would by using your hands alone.

Trick for Squeezing Lemons [Martha Stewart]


    Just get Citrus Press...a lot easier, less messy and less hassle as it catches all the pips, you get far more juice than tongs, while tongs won't stop the pips falling into the juice/drinks. Only costs few bucks.

    Another good tip is to "scrape" out juice using a fork to break up any remaining unpopped juice cells. This can usually extract much more juice than you could with hands alone.

    Why not just get a lemon squeezer!?!

    Interesting makeshift macgyver technique. Great use of primary school physics, fulcrum to apply more work.

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