Are You On The Updated NBN Maps?

NBN Co has updated 40 of its maps, providing a clearer indication of when National Broadband Network (NBN) services will be available to around 165,000 homes. If you live in one of those areas, it's worth checking to see if you're one of the lucky ones who will be able to sign up for an NBN service in a year or so.

You've always been able to look up projected launch dates for the NBN via an interactive map, but the newly-updated data will give people in the relevant cities and suburbs a clearer indication. These are the areas where maps have been updated this week:

New South Wales: Blacktown (Seven Hills); Coffs Harbour (Sapphire Beach, Korora); Dapto (Dapto, Brownsville, Koonawarra, Kanahooka); Gosford (North Gosford, Gosford, West Gosford, Narara); Homebush (Homebush West); Mudgee (Mudgee); Penrith (South Penrith, Jamisontown); Richmond (Londonderry Hobartville, Richmond, Richmond Lowlands, Agnes Banks); Taree (Taree, Taree Tinonee); Wollongong (Wollongong).

Queensland: Ascot (Hamilton, Hendra, Ascot, Eagle Farm, Pinkenba); Cairns (Cairns North, Cairns City); Goodna (Redbank Plains); Kallangur and Petrie (Kurwongbah, Petrie, Kallangur); Mackay (South Mackay, East Mackay); Nudgee (Northgate, Virginia, Banyo, Nundah); Townsville (Railway Estate, Hermit Park); Toowoomba (Redwood, Withcott, East Toowoomba, Rangeville).

Victoria: Ballarat (Invermay, Invermay Park, Ballarat North); Creswick (Creswick); Carlton (Carlton, Melbourne); Melton (Melton, Melton West, Kurunjang, Melton South; South Morang (Mill Park); Tullamarine (Essendon Fields, Airport West, Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine, Keilor Park).

Western Australia: Applecross (Brentwood, Mount Pleasant, Booragoon); Geraldton (Mount Tarcoola, Tarcoola Beach, West End, Mahomets Flats); Mandurah (Greenfields, Coodanup, Furnissdale, Barragup); Meadow Springs (San Remo, Madora Bay, Singleton, Golden Bay); South Perth (Kensington, South Perth, Como); Victoria Park (Kewdale, Lathlain, Carlisle); Yunderup (South Yunderup, North Yunderup).

South Australia: Prospect (Kilburn, Prospect, Blair Athol, Collinswood, Enfield, Nailsworth, Sefton Park, Broadview); Port Augusta (Wami Kata, Port Augusta, Stirling North, Port Augusta West); Port Elliot (Victor Harbor); Yankalilla (Normanville, Yankalilla, Carrickalinga).

Tasmania: Bellerive (Rose Bay, Lindisfarne, Bellerive Mornington, Mount Rumney, Warrane, Lindisfarne); Kingston (Kingston, Bonnet Hill); Launceston (Trevallyn, Riverside).

Northern Territory: Casuarina (Malak, Marrara, Moil, Anula); Darwin (Larrakeyah, Darwin City, Fannie Bay, Parap, The Gardens, East Point).

The NBN is planned as a long-term project, and construction won't be completed for another nine years. Anyone want to move to Victor Harbor?


    According to the map, there re currently no plans for about half of Sydney. That means more than three years, if ever. What a joke.

      Well yeah, like the article says, it's a long term project with nine years still to go.

      It will definately be never if the liberals have their way.
      Their policy is basically "keep the status quo"

      Do you understand just how big this project is? And how many km of cable is being laid? When was the last time you had a sparky out to do something at your house, now imagine those few hours multiplied by 5million houses and that doesnt include getting the cables to the house in the first place.

      "!" - MotorMouth

      with the relentless negativity you show in the majority of articles you should consider joining the coalition as a party hack - you'd be great for them

      What's the Joke? You're ineptness to read an article and construct a well thought out response?

    What about new housing developments? Any news there a lot of hear say and complete crap coming from developers..

      I have a feeling it's not just the developers, the "new" Greater Springfield (which is a great area otherwise, btw) has has one of the saddest broadband stories you'll ever hear, was slated to have all that put right with one of the 1st NBN stage rollouts scheduled to be completed next year if I recall correctly - then the already broadband supplied adjacent suburb of Goodna was to take Springfield's place all of a sudden, and nothing even on the horizon for Springfield, back to dial-up and ridiculously expensive and congested 3G

    An actual link to the maps would be handy! So here it is:

      you sir!
      you deserve an upvote!
      if only i could give you one! (thats a hint, giz!)

    Why do I keep checking these updates? I know my area won't get jack. I live in a unit in one of the safest Liberal seats in Sydney, and am stuck with my 1.6 Mbps until after 2017 at the earliest. By the time the NBN arrives at my place, the Liberal's stupid plan would've been better.

    It's my one real beef with the NBN. Imagine rolling out roads or telephones or rail or any other major infrastructure in the ridiculous way they've done it here.

      I currently live in seat thats been labour since its existed in Sydney, and I'm moving to the other side of it. Neither place is listed for the NBN rollout. Part of it is, but that area used to have the fastest internet connection in Australia (until the rollout started at least)

    Goes right past our suburb and no plans in the near future by the looks.
    Probably because the group of suburbs around me including mine all have Cable access...

    Yeh its a joke our area arent even getting anything for at least the next 5 years! I am stuck being Telstras bitch until more dslams are opened up here! The sooner I can get off Telstra the happier Ill be!

    Around a year ago moved out of a place that is getting NBN rolled out right now. Right now living in a place a block away from the edge of an "installation starts within 1 year" zone. Looks like in around a year I'll probably be moving to one of the "estimated within 3 years" zones. Blarg, I wants my NBN :/

      I'm going to be moving in about six months, and the nbn rollout maps are figuring pretty heavily in the areas I'm looking at. There are a few areas that are both near work and have NBN rollout in the next two years, I might just be able to snag a place there.

        Nice. It'll be sweet if ya can.

          Im building in a new estate which will only have adsl 1 when i move in. None of this naked business! Can only dream of having NBN in the future.

    A link to their maps would have been nice...

    I'm less than a kilometre away from where work has already commenced. Really not fair

    Last edited 15/10/12 3:07 pm

    I'm not too worried.. even if it was available now I still wouldn't bother.

    newsflash.. we're stil in the arse end of the world as far as internet connectivity with the rest of the world is concerned.. so unless we suddenly start to get digtial content to the same degree that is available overseas, this is just a big waste of money for consumers.

      "we're stil in the arse end of the world as far as internet connectivity with the rest of the world is concerned"

      This is exactly why consumers want it isn't it? I know with my current connection I usually get some level of lag playing online, even when the other 3 gamers I live with aren't also trying to play at the same time. With the NBN there's a much better chance of minimising lag. Hey, with the NBN I might even get to experience an almost lag-free connection!

      Sure for some it'll be a waste of money to upgrade, certainly wouldn't be a waste of money for myself though!

    These maps are wrong. There are sections in Brisbane which are marked as 3-years....but they currently have access to NBN. I have a friend that has it.

    Moving from the Northern Beaches of Sydney to Gosford. I'm glad they're rolling out the NBN just for me, lol

    I refute malcom turnbulls bull**** prospect of FTTN for the following reasons:

    1. He says it'll be cheaper to use existing copper lines while still getting the same connectivity as FTTH, i say he's full of shit, i have ADSL2+ im only 3 km away from my exchange but i still only get 8Mbits at best. Why? 2 reasons:
    - Copper phone line cable was not designed for this purpose and it is damn near 40 years old, you ask any network engineer which is better for carrying data coaxial or cat5e and above (inluding fiber) they'll call you stupid for not knowing that cat/fiber cables are better (that's why they were invented).
    - There is only so much an aging infrastructure like this can take, network traffic, collisions and interference are all problems that are reduced and/or solved by switching to fiber. To put it another way imagine the current infrastructure like pipes with data (water) flowing through them, these pipes were laid 40 years ago and did not account for population growth as such they're very thin. Now imagine you increase the water pressure 1000 fold by adding Fiber Nodes, what do you think would happen to the existing pipes? perhaps some leaks? more likely the entire thing would crash.

    2. Mr bull****... I mean turnbull has yet to announce a figure $$$ wise as to how much cheaper the NBN will be. Why? i'll speculate the following would happen if we actually believed him and went his route:
    - We give the vote to liberal
    - They announce that the FTTN plan will be $2 billion cheaper then the FTTH labor plan.
    - What they really don't say is that it's actually $3 billion cheaper to implement
    Where does the other $1 billion go you ask? into politicians back pockets i bet under the guise of improving roads and other maintenance costs, all the while the FTTN being a waste of money for the reasons stated above in point 1 and in the end us poor people getting absolutely **** all for our money.

    Last edited 15/10/12 8:35 pm

    I'm sorry but my friend in Perth (Balcatta) can't even get dsl because the DSLAM has no ports left. Why didn't the NBN plan include upgrading DSLAMs? How about we start with a national plan of getting everyone a 5Meg connection first. australia is the third world digital society in internet land.

      The same in a major suburb of Brisbane.. We can't get anything but wireless.. Next street over.. Oh no they're fine..

      Yeah, let's spend more money updating to outdated technology rather than spending the time and money to go straight to what is 'currently' closest to the highest spec.

      Since the DSLAMS in place don't offer fiber connectivity they will be made redundant when the new infrastructure is implemented


    Fibre | Work to commence within one year - we will commence work from May 2013 in phases with last work scheduled to commence in Jun 2014*.

    Yay 1 year +/- 6 months for Fibre. Still feels like too long lol

    Won't there be better tech in 9 years time?
    "Well we finally completed the NBN project..... Now to upgrade our NBN...."

    I was quite depressed seeing a Singaporean flyer for $69 pm 100mb fibre. Damn those high density asian cities with their unlimited fibre access!

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