Check When You'll Get The NBN With The Updated Deployment Maps

NBN Co today announced that construction had commenced in ten new areas, and updated its construction maps. Time to check if your dream of faster internet has come a little closer.

The ability to look up the NBN deployment status of your address has been in place since March last year, but with the updated data, it's worth checking again to see if anything's changed for you. These are the areas where construction has started:

  • Maitland, NSW
  • Frankston, Vic
  • Footscray, Vic
  • Keysborough, Vic
  • Ashmore, Qld
  • Gawler, SA
  • Northam, WA
  • Claremont, Tas
  • South Launceston, Tas
  • Civic, ACT

NBN construction is on target right now, but won't finish until 2021 on current plans.



    WA ignored again.


      Ignored??? Perhaps you didn't notice NORTHAM!

      I mean, Duncraig, Clarkson, Balcatta, Maylands -- nobody lives in those ghost towns! But Northam is a densely populated urban centre that should be No.1 on the list for NBN!

      (who me? bitter?)

    Still 3 years before construction starts for me...even though I'm in a city :P

      I think you've missed the point of the NBN.... It's not to provide people that already have reasonable broadband with something faster straight away.

        Oh, I completely understand the point of it. I'm actually fairly disinterested in an NBN connection for myself...I'm generally above 10/1 Mbps , so I don't need it...though it'd still be nice!

    The place where I live now in ACT is still to commence within 3 years and the place I will be moving to (NSW) in about 2 years will commence construction within 1 Year. Hopefully it will be close to done, if not done by the time I get there.

    So near and yet so far. My suburb (Dundas Valley, NSW) is literally surrounded with A's - already availables - due to a bunch of new constructions nearby. Yet less than a few hundred metres away I'm not even on a 3 year timeframe but suffering from being more than 3km from the exchange and so my ADSL is almost the worst possible connection one can have in a metropolitan area.

    Not looking too good in South Gippsland. Not even on the 3 year plan. "It will happen one day but not in the foreseeable future" is how I read the NBNs explanation. I am only 100kms out of Melbourne.

    I thought that this was supposed to bring affordable broadband to all parts of Australia and considered that a boon for country areas. Have a good look at the national coverage and all you can see is activity mostly around populated areas which are already well served by broadband connections.

    So much for Conroy and the pipe dreams of bringing things like medical support over the internet. No sewerage, no natural gas, no NBN. Small towns are forgotten but we do have voters which is something governments tend to forget as well.

    Oh why do I even bother to check?

    They've added 1 site for NSW? One!

    And Civic, ACT!? No one lives in Civic! The only place there that'll use it is that XXX shop in the Melbourne Building. And maybe the occasional backpacker at the Jolimont.

    Every time you post one of these updates, someone is removing a '78 edition Star Wars figure from its original packaging.

    South Launceston is so close yet so very far away :(

    In a very safe Liberal seat both Federal and State in Victoria, so absolutely no hope of getting it under Labor, and the other mob will either cancel it or water it down if and when they get in, so I don't know why I even read these articles.

    I'd be interested to see the ratio of tax dollars to actual users of NBN. I reckon I could buy a house per connected user. Your tax dollars at work. Sigh.

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