NBN Rollout Maps Go Interactive: Are You On There Yet?

NBN Rollout Maps Go Interactive: Are You On There Yet?

NBN Co has updated its rollout maps with a new level of detail showing where preparation work for FTTP rollouts is occurring.

Green highlighted zones on the map now indicate where “build preparation” — that is, where contractors are carrying out pre-construction activities such as readying pits for NBN cable laying — is taking place.

According to the official release: “Build Preparation is currently underway for approximately 167,000 homes and businesses in the NBN brownfields footprint. Construction contracts for the physical build of the network (“Build Commenced”) have been issued for a further 290,000 brownfields premises.

There are 195,000 families and businesses with an active NBN connection across all access technologies.”

You can check your NBN status on the updated map here.

NBN enhances rollout map [NBN Co]


  • I know that along my street they’ve started repairing the pits for the fibre rollout, and I know that they plan to actually start laying cable in 4-5 weeks, but its not shown on these maps still.

  • Before the election we were supposed to be build starting in Doubleview WA, now, nothing!!!

  • NBN was connected here a few days ago.

    We moved from ADSL2+ to a NBN 25mbps connection. To be honest, we barely noticed the difference so far. Sure, a 100 or 50mbps connection would be great but much too pricey.

  • There appears to be a lot of wireless and a lot less lines in my region {Bendigo}. Is it possible the LNP are pushing fast cheap and nasty? I have had nothing but awful experiences with wireless, especially when the towers get congested as they most of the time in the area.

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