Find Out When You're Getting The NBN

As part of its announcement of its three-year rollout plan for the National Broadband Network, NBN Co has updated its service showing when NBN construction will commence. Type your address or city into the map and you'll get a rough indicator of when work will commence.

This won't be a date you can circle on your calendar — in most cases you'll get a range covering a period when work will happen, and a caveat that availability could be 12 months after that. Still, checking when it might happen where you live is a useful planning resource.

NBNCo Rollout Map


    Apparently not within the next 3 years... D-:

    Good to see south west Sydney is being looked after....

    Oh yeah, nice timing for my area. Signed on to a 3 year WIMAX contract 9 months ago and my area is scheduled to be FTTH'd by June 2014, so with any luck, I'll be able to transfer directly from my 3 year contract onto any Fibre plan I wish.

    Good to see they're skipping Collingwood - not like there's a heap of businesses here, or anything... #anythingconroytouchesturnstogold

    :D homebush starts in June

    I live less than 50km from Brisbane GPO as the crow flies. 2km from my house is one of the main transport routes from the coast to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. all the towns around me are getting the NBN. So when do I get it....never. Not on the list. will never be installed here (township population over 4,000). To be honest I'm not overly concerned except for one thing. The local exchange only has Telstra DSLAMS. I'm paying $90 for ADSL2 and a 5Gb download cap. Screw the NBN, just force Telstra to upgrade the exchanges or subsidise third party gear. Just some comeptition would be nice. And you know what puts the icing on the for 'peachester' on Google, click on the google maps link...OMGWTF big ad for NBNCo saying 'discover the 3 year roll out plan'. No wonder it's costing so much if they are opaying for ads on pages relatign to places it's not ever going to be rolled out to.

      I'm sorry buddy. But "less than 50kms" is pretty dang far from the city.

        Not really. Caboolture is 50 k's from the city. If i lived anywhere between Brissy and Caboolture, I'd be disappointed if I were to find out I wasn't getting on the NBN too. 50 K's is nothing these days

      Isn't it as interesting that <5km from the Brisbane GPO isn't on the list (including hospitals and universities). Anyway, I would say the rollout is to major "hubs" and then minor "hubs" and then beyond until it touches us all. It's as much about infrastructure management as it is about needs.

      Hey, check out the coverage in Canberra, no complaints there!

        I'm not sure about hospitals but I'm guessing Universities already have fibre in place? 100Mbit at UQ...

          Exactly right, I was thinking about the high percentage of students who spend a high percentage of their time in surrounding suburbs and the accompanying medical centers & specialists in the surrounding suburbs.

          When NBN Co claim education & health as two of the best reasons for the NBN I guess they mean for people outside of capital cities which would be exactly right. I guess for the other XX% of people who live in capital cities the NBN is mostly for youtube. ;-)

            This is a good point actually. Country folks are getting access to infrastructure (and connected resources) like they never have before while city folk are getting much more bandwidth for roughly the same price as before (excluding what we have paid behind the scenes). Everyone's happy then!

        Canberra already has a large amount of fibre in the ground from the transact network, I believe NBN Co. is meant to be buying that off transact and then building off the existing base.

        Makes me a little wary though... considering how piss poor transact fibre has always been.

      Mate, I live less than 1km from the Brisbane GPO and I ain't gettin any for the next three years. I'm sure the gubbermint will happily take my tax dollars to roll it out everywhere else, though.

    Im the next street over from where its being installed within the next year.
    And Im not on the three year plan.
    And Im on the edge of ADSL2 coverage too.

    Actually for Peachester they say that they haven't started work. It doesn't say that they won't start work; it's just going to take some time. I am in the suburbs of Perth, and on the map all around me there are coloured swatches stating how long it will be, but where I am they have precisely the same wording as they do for Peachester.

    Wait. It will happen.

    Brilliant, work won't start anywhere near me for at least 3 years, giving me at least 3-4 more years of 12/2 unlimited ADSL+2 from TPG for $70 instead of the shitty NBN plans I've seen to date. It beggars belief that the charging model is worse than what is already available.

      No it isn't, almost every plan from an isp beats their current adsl plans.

      Stop making up garbage and pretending its true.

    Looks like ill be stuck on 200 kb/s for at least the next 3 years... brilliant.

      Pre-NBN you were on 200kbps and if the NBN is scrapped, you'll be on 200kbps probably forever, so yes the NBN is brilliant, regardless of the sarcasm ;-)

    Nope no NBN for me. Dirty fuckers. Looks like I'll be moving house to get internet again.

    u whining lot it will happen. may be in 3 yrs time but it will.

    I missed out too... but it's not all about me, is it?

    It's a 10 year roll out not everyone can be first!

      When you get it in 10 years time that nearby suburb will already be on NBN 3.0 and you will have wished you moved 10 years ago when the writing was on the wall. ;-)

        Or we could leave things as they have been for 20 years or scrap the NBN and then have SFA.

        Patience is a virtue and so is common sense:-)

    Interesting that Perth suburbs are getting NBN ahead of the CBD

      Everyone who lives in the suburbs will be telecommuting next year! ;-)

    December... 2013.... aww.

    3 years away ?! At least ill have 1+ gigabit whilst other 1st world countries have 100+ :)

    In Morwell , This is the NBN rollout activity in your area.

    Fibre | Work to commence within three years - we will commence work in your area from Sep 2014 in phases with last work scheduled to commence in Dec 2014*.

    It is estimated that the average time from work beginning to NBN services being available is 12 months.

    Thats great as we can only get Fixed wireless at a resonable price and some times it's okay but at times it is dead slow !!!!

    Scheduled to commence installing NBN in January.
    Way to go Western Sydney!

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