HLO Days 2-3: Transport And Laundry Are Too Easy

After just three days on the Hand Luggage Only task, I've already sampled nearly every mode of transport I'll be using during the month — but the real laundry challenges are yet to come.

So far, in getting to and around South Australia, I've utilised a plane, a city train, a bus, a tram, a coach, a horse-drawn tram, a vintage train, and a lot of walking. In terms of extra options to pursue during the month, that actually only leaves me taxis, boats and inter-city trains. The horse-drawn tram is a notable feature of Victor Harbor, though for the productivity-minded it's worth pointing out that it's actually quicker to walk.

What I haven't confronted is the difficulties of daily outfit management. Because my hotel has an on-site pay laundry, I spent Sunday evening putting all my clothes through. Since I've been travelling for three days, that means I've now got fully fresh garments (including jeans) and haven't had to see how the wash/dry overnight routine works. Admittedly, I looked quite a sight sitting in the hotel laundry room dressed in pyjamas and work shoes, but no-one actually got to admire this magnificent spectacle. But that approach won't be viable again after Monday — it's regular socks and jocks wash-outs or risking stinking out everyone I meet.

Throughout May 2009, Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman will be travelling throughout Australia with just one carry-on bag for the Hand Luggage Only project.


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