ALDI HDMI Deal: Good But Not Great

ALDI is have yet another tech-centric special buy offering this Wednesday, with products including a 46-inch LCD TV for $549 and an iPod-compatible micro-stereo for $119. Those are reasonable deals, but its 2 metre HDMI cable for $6.99 isn't so hard to beat.

Many Australian stores will charge you $30 or more for an HDMI cable and that's a complete rip-off. That said, it isn't too hard to find similar or better prices if you go online.

Kogan will sell you a 3-metre cable for $8, though you'll have to pay postage (unless you wait for a free shipping day). A quick peck through eBay finds plenty of similarly priced deals with free postage. ALDI's price is competitive and could be convenient if you're in there anyway, but if you miss out you can definitely score the same price elsewhere.



    Yeah but its from Aldi the Supermarket. Since when did it become ok to to say oh i bought my latest gadget or TV from a Supermarket. Oh honey can you get me some bread and milk and oh that new tv. What.

      Daveo, In this retail market controlled by the oligarchs of Australia we are denied access to so much, travel to the real world, I recently purchased a sound system for my 32" LCD TV, complete with USB Flash drive and SD card fittings with 15watts RMS for AUD$33 from Carrefoure,Sunset Road, Bali, We are situated at the bottom of the world though perhaps we are in it!

    You can get HDMI cables from MSY for as low as $3 I picked up one the other day for my Raspberry Pi

    Go in on sale day and ask for stock: "oh, sorry we didn't get that delivery yet..."
    Ask somebody else the next Fay for sale stock: "oh, sorry that sold out yesterday"
    Too many time I've hone to aldi for great buys only to be bitten. :(

    +1 for JayCar and MSY, already mentioned above.

    If you're willing to wait, you'll also find super cheap cables on ebay.

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