Don’t Give Harvey Norman Extra Money For Monster HDMI Cables

Don’t Give Harvey Norman Extra Money For Monster HDMI Cables

A simple lesson in why you should never buy an HDMI cable from a conventional retailer, especially if that retailer is called Harvey Norman. Catch Of The Day is selling a 2M HDMI cable from professional cable over-charger Monster for $14.99 (plus postage). The cheapest 2M Monster HDMI cable from Harvey Norman costs $139, and it will sell you a pricier variant for $249.

Even Catch Of The Day isn’t the cheapest deal going; there are plenty of much cheaper 2M cable deals, postage included, on eBay. Remember: HDMI is a digital signal. It’s there or it isn’t. Overpriced cabling makes no difference, except to your bank balance.

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  • “HDMI is a digital signal. It’s there or it isn’t.”

    True, but those ultra cheap Yum Cha HDMI cables on eBay can sometimes have a problem even getting the 1’s to their destination.
    On a more personal note, I wouldn’t give my money to COTD or Gerry!

  • I agree that it is all digital, and on a normally functioning cable you can’t tell the difference between a $5 cable and a $500 cable… But, I’ve noticed that some $5 cables are more prone to actually break than more expensive ones. I’ve had the ends of cables break off and get stuck inside my television before. So while looking for a cheap cable is a good idea, make sure you don’t get a poorly made cable, otherwise you’ll only get to plug/unplug it a few times.

    • You failed the test.

      That review is literally just a collation of the information off the packaging. Most of which is certifications that have simply been paid for through the certification bodies.
      The big shocker is that the cables are just that, twisted copper soldered to a plug! For a short run (sub 3m) even the twisting is unimportant, let alone the shielding or gold plated contacts, as long as the devices can sucessfully negotiate a stable connection with the features you need then the $1 cable is the same as the $200 cable.

      I know professional AV installers that have had to replace long in-wall runs (25m+) using monster cables with shitty no-name cables because the monster cables refused to work in an install.

  • Ok, I think you’ll find the higher priced cables come with anti-viral capabilities… while providing more accurately shaped 1s and 0s… leading to more beautiful and vibrant images.

  • I can’t help but wonder if anyone, ever, has been so gullible as to shell $245 for a cable which does the exact same job as a couple of dollars one. The last one I got from eBay was $1.92 (free postage to boot) does the job flawlessly.

    Personally, I find the whole Monster Cable business model incredibly gutsy. I mean you have to have some gall to put out a cable at that price with a straight face.

  • As a former employee of HN, I once managed to sell $2000 of cables to one customer, the most expensive of which was a $699 HDMI cable. Before you attack, remember that I was just doing my job and selling what I was required to sell. HN are in big trouble as more and more articles like this one are written on the subject as that is the only place that they make money these days, overpriced cables and add-ons

    • Interesting — but note that Monster qualifies its claim by saying these sites “may” be selling counterfeit gear. Another possibility? Monster wants to discourage people from buying cheaper cables (to maximise its own sales) but isn’t averse to also getting money for bulk-offloading older designs and then spreading FUD after the fact.

      • Definitely agree that it’s murky and their motivations may be entirely self-serving but even so, I think it would be in the interests of those sites to ensure and verify the fact they’re selling genuine products and erase any potential doubt.

  • Got one off Ebay for $4-5 delivered I believe it was.

    No problems at all, which can’t be said for 2 x $30 cables I bought from EB-Games…go cheap with them because you’ll just have to replace eventually anyway!

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