Dealhacker: Get A Metre-Long HDMI Cable From Amazon For $1.10

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You might have ten HDMI cables just lying around your house already, but when you can buy them for $1.10 from Amazon Australia, you should have 11. Not only that, but you don't even have to go out and buy it - it's delivered to your house, for free. A steal.

You Are Probably Using The Wrong HDMI Cable

It's not your fault, but it is very likely that you're using the wrong HDMI cord to plug that 4K Apple TV or PS4 Pro into your new TV. While you might have assumed that all HDMI cords are equal they are, unfortunately, not.

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Never mind those old arguments about using the wrong HDMI cables when you can get them for $1.10. That's not even half a snag in bread and some dead horse at the local Bunno's.

Surely it would cost more for them to manufacture, ship and send this than it would for you to actually buy it, right now, on the internet. It's crazy. Capitalism gone mad! We're doomed.

We're all doomed.

But hey, you might need a cheap and nasty HDMI cable for that spare room or holiday house or to connect your old Xbox to a dead monitor so you can make the most of your Netflix account that allows four simultaneous streams.

Whatever it is, it's worth noting you can buy a 1 metre HDMI cable for $1.10 and it's manufactured, apparently, by 3SIXT. It's worth noting their prices for HDMI cables at their website.

You can grab your basically-free HDMI cable right here.

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    Never mind those old arguments about using the wrong HDMI cables

      Indeed. You think they'd at least be able to specify this cable's HDMI version, after their article the other day (which is linked in this article!)

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