Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Available On Optus September, Telstra October

Both Optus and Telstra are planning to offer Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III in a 4G variant running Android Jelly Bean. The big differences? Which colours you can buy and how soon you can get it.

Optus will be accepting pre-orders for its version of the Galaxy S III from today, and will deliver the first phones on September 20. Optus is only selling the Titanium Gray variant. On a 24-month contract, you can choose between a $60 a month plan (plus $7 per month for handset, total cost $1608) or an $80 a month plan (no extra handset charge, total cost $1920).

Telstra will be releasing the S III in October (no more precise date specified), in a choice of either Titanium Gray or Onyx Black. Pricing hasn't been announced. Telstra also says it plans to announce another four 4G handsets between now and December, adding to its existing options of the Samsung Galaxy S II, the HTC Velocity, the HTC One XL and the HTC Titan.

If you want more on the phone itself, Luke over at Gizmodo has an exclusive first look. Samsung quotes an outright buy price of $899 for the device, but I imagine it will prove much cheaper through parallel importers.




    I wonder when they will accept note 2 pre orders!!!

    is it the dual core version or the faster quad core one?

    So is there no white version of the 4G samsung SII?

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