Samsung Galaxy S III 4G: Telstra And Optus Plans Compared

Optus got the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G first, but Telstra is officially joining the party. It is now accepting pre-orders for the Jelly Bean-enabled phone ahead of an October 9 release. How does it compare to Optus' deals?

Leaving aside the fact that Telstra has a choice of colours and the variable performance of both carriers' 4G networks, here's a breakdown of the 24-month deals offered through each carrier. Not a lot of differences to be seen! Optus has a couple of ostensibly cheaper plans, but the handset charges are so high that $60 is the sensible entry point.




    Due to lack of coverage, I need to be on Telstra so I have 2 options :
    Buy the Galaxy outright ($600+?), or get it on the contract.
    The cheapest Telstra plan (which is all I need and currently have) is $50 with no phone, and it's $66 with the Galaxy SIII 4G.
    Over 24 months for me the phone costs $384 on this plan ($16 x 24)... Too easy. (on the more expensive plans you pay a bigger premium to get the phone vs BYO phone. Go figure!)

    Yoy can get a better deal from virgin

    I wish I waited a month before buying my 3G only Galaxy S III

    You do realise that with the Everyday Connect Plan on Telstra the call cost is 99c/min and a 40c connection fee. They didn't try to make that obvious when they upped the included credit from $550 to $600 on the $59/60 plan.


    Deciding between this or an iphone 5. Why on earth is the s3 cheaper than the iphone (barely) on telstra yet more expensive on optus!?

    I've been looking forward to getting the iPhone 5 for months and if I hadn't forgotten to preorder, I would have one right now. But I just ordered my first Android device. Brave new world...

    Still waiting to find out information in regards if Telstra will get a 4G/LTE version of the Note 2! If not will just get a cheaper model from the UK.

    The Optus $60 and $80 plans also include unlimited Optus to Optus calls doesn't it?

    I want to buy an iphone 5 outright, as its a company purchase and has some tax benefits, but I just can't see how it can possibly be beneficial. Telstra's BYO plan are only $10 a month cheaper. Anyone seen any BYO phone, month by month 4G deals plse

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