Hang Headphones With Two Binder Clips

If you need a place to store your headphones that's within easy reach and not taking up space on your desk, Lifehacker reader Bruno Tagliani has a great solution. He shows us how he built a tiny contraption with nothing but two binder clips.

We've shared a lot of headphone-hanging solutions, from coat hooks to IKEA parts, but this is as cheap and simple as they come. Just hook two binder clips on to your desk or shelf, as shown above, and let 'em hang.

Binder clips typically come in large packs, so if you have a few left over, check out the other DIY miracles you can accomplish with them.


    Good tip AND a good choice in headphones :)

    didnt work... bottom bit just turned down and drops my head phones :(

      Yeah, I got the same thing, kept falling off. What I did was snapped the bottom handle into the little fold that its positioned near and then placed the headset on the bridge on top between the two handles on the other clip. Should work that way.

    You could just hang them on the single binder clip and save the hassle

    I have those headphones and have a hard time hanging them anywhere due to the width of them... I don't see bull dog clips as the answer though.

    Why not just use the binder clip that's clipped onto the desk? Fold the bottom silver bit under and hang the headphones on the top one. Easier, neater and can't turn down and drop the headphones.

    I use a bookshelf.. It's at kind of stability that helps me sleep at night :)

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