Use Binder Clips To Neatly Wrap Up Cables

Use Binder Clips To Neatly Wrap Up Cables

If you need to wrap up cables or headphones, but you don’t want to deal with zip ties, you can simply use binder clips to easily hold them together for storage.

We’re obsessed with binder clips, and we’ve already shown you lots of ways to utilise them in different and creative ways. We’ve even shown you a similar method to wrap up headphones and how to manage cables under your desk using binder clips.


However, this tip involves simply wrapping up charging cables or headphones like you normally would and popping on a binder clip in the middle to keep them from unwrapping. You can then throw them in a bag when you travel or hang them off of a push pin on the wall (as pictured above). Just be sure that when you apply the binder clip you don’t accidentally pinch the cable!


  • I tend to just buy a bag of elastic bands. Fold the cords at about finger length for small cords until you cant no more and wrap it with a rubber band.

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