Wrap Your Headphones With A Binder Clip For Easy, Tangle-Free Storage

Wrap Your Headphones With A Binder Clip For Easy, Tangle-Free Storage

If you carry headphones with you everywhere you go but can’t seem to find a tangle-free wrapping method that works for you, look no further than the duct tape of office supplies, the binder clip.The video above demonstrates the simple process for using a binder clip as a handy headphone wrapper and clip, but just to lay it out:

  1. Open the clip and place the cord inside, then drop the earplugs into the mouth of the clip. (They should be loosely hanging in the clip.)
  2. Grab the cord below your earbuds and start wrapping it around the arms of the binder clip. Don’t wrap too tightly; doing so could damage your headphones. (This is less of a worry the less fancy your headphones are.)
  3. When you’re near the end of your headphones, push the headphone jack through the top of the binder clip’s arms.

Bonus 1: You can clip your wrapped headphones to your backpack/purse/etc. to keep them handy.

Bonus 2: It also works as a cord shortener, also demonstrated in the video.

Big thanks to reader olibrowning for sharing this one with me via Google+. Binder clips. Is there anything they aren’t good for? Music by Work of Saws


  • I thought “what a dumb idea”. Tried it. and have to apologise. It’s a great idea.

    When you have a volume/call control thingy halfway down the cord, it becomes interesting, but nothing you can’t work around.

    The smallest of binder clips might be just a touch too small for some cords. Maybe the next-to-smallest (but I don’t have any on hand)

  • I use twisty ties (from garbage bags) to keep my lengthy headphone cord neatly bundled and pocketable. You need four or five to keep it secure, but there’s no shifting it once you’ve done it.

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