Buying A New Smartphone At Launch Costs More: The Graph

This should not be news: if you can wait even a month after the launch of a sassy new smartphone, the price will be much lower. We have known this for some time, but the chart above, from OzBargain, highlights just how widely that process occurs.

The chart shows the price for four major phones (the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S II and S II, and the HTC One X) in deals featured on OzBargain since mid-2011.

The price decline is steeper for Android devices, and continues for longer — unsurprising, given that competition in Android is tougher and there are more retail outlets. But even iPhone prices fall after launch, with a 13 per cent fall evidence here. Patience definitely pays off.

Price Graph: When To Buy A Mobile Phone [OzBargain Blog]


    Is this a version of Moore's Law? If something is relatively half as powerful in 18 months does that mean it's half as valuable in that time too? The s3 looks like it's dropping a lot steeper than that though. There's a lot more at play I suppose than just processing grunt.

      The article explains the S3 price:
      "competition in Android is tougher and there are more retail outlets"
      I don't think "Moore's Law" has much direct application. Processor speed is just a small part of the total package in terms of smartphones. People buy mainly on perception, brand image and marketing.

        That and their resale value is less, as such to make people buy new, as opposed to second hand, they lower the price to keep it more competitive.

    From what I remember though, iPhone prices often rise a few weeks after launch (especially on plans). The price of buying one outright probably goes down though

    Hmmm... I can't speak for the other devices, but the iPhone 4S came out in October 2011, yet it doesn't start on the graph till around Xmas... And it would be nice to see it plotted up until the point the iPhone 5 was released, rather than just stopping around May...

      Remember this is data from OzBargains. There probably were no bargains to be had, only RRP, outside of the times shown. Discounts on Apple gear, especially the iPhone cashcow, are rare.

        But the headline is "Buying a new smartphone at launch..." -- how can you not include launch data?

    "This should not be news."

    How many editors read an article that starts with the words, 'this should not be news', and then publish it. Not knocking it, it just made me laugh.

    Buying any electronics at launch is more expensive than if you wait 18 months. Applies to videogames, computers, TVs, phones, the whole shebang. Why is this news?

      Why is this news?

      Sure, it's general knowledge that prices drop way after launch (~18 months), however; not everyone knows that "the mighty iPhone" drops in price too.

        its also nice to see it plainly on a graph like this

    Samsung does this every 3 months. It happened with Omnia1 back in 2008, with Omnia 2 (known as T*Omnia 2 in Korea) in 2009, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and with Galaxy S3. Soon they will announce Galaxy Note 2(which they already unveiled as of now in Korea) and Q1 next year will be Galaxy S4.

    There was a price-subsidy scandal which now is known as 'Galaxy S3 Incident', happened a week or two ago i believe, where prices of Galaxy S3 (which was $990 with 2yr contract only two months ago) have dropped to $150 w/2yr contract. Carriers KT and U+ started to give higher subsidy thus plumetting the prices of SGS3 to steal more customers from their competitor, SKTelecom. This happens every day, every cycle in Korea. The earlier you buy, the more stupid and retarded you are. Especially when a company like Samsung wants to get rid of old stock and release a new phone to rake more cash.

    Original Petition:

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