Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted grand final access, error-free cooking, Maluuba explained and free food in the office. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. How To Watch The 2012 Grand Finals From Anywhere
    It’s a weekend packed with football as both the AFL and NRL Grand Finals hit our screens — but what happens if you want to see them in HD or you’re overseas? We’ve rounded up the available options for footy viewers across the country (and the globe).
  2. 48 Cooking Mistakes To Avoid
    You can read all the cooking tips in the world, but if you’re getting the basics wrong, chances are you’ll never whip up dishes quite like those in the recipe books. There’s no shame in taking a look at the fundamentals and making sure you’re getting the little things right.
  3. Turn Your SIM Card Into A Nano-SIM For An Unlocked iPhone 5
    Are you in the market for an unlocked iPhone 5 and need to fit your existing SIM card in it? You can actually cut your current SIM card down to nano size at home.
  4. Official: ‘Do Not Knock’ Signs Have Legal Effect
    I loathe door-to-door salespeople, so this news makes me very happy: the Federal Court has slapped a $1 million fine on two electricity sellers for repeatedly ignoring consumer law. More importantly, the court finding also confirms the validity of ‘do not knock’ signs.
  5. Clear Your Sinuses In 20 Seconds With Your Tongue And Your Thumb
    Blocked sinuses are no fun, especially when the problem frequently requires taking a pill. Redditor gymfork points to a clever acupressure method that can solve the problem in just 20 seconds:
  6. Jasmine Is A Gorgeous, Free YouTube App For iPhone And iPad
    iOS: Jasmine offers an absolutely gorgeous YouTube viewing experience on the iPhone and iPad that even the official apps can’t compete with. And considering there is no official app for the iPad yet, it’s a huge step up from the mobile site.
  7. Maluuba: Meet Siri’s First Real Competitor
    The problem with voice-enabled “intelligent” apps is that there are way too many that are just OK Siri wannabes. Some are limited in features, intelligence levels vary widely, and there’s always one or two that have been hastily knocked together by opportunistic developers. Maluuba is a new virtual intelligence app that claims to be more than just a personal assistant — and it has big plans to prove it’s better than Siri.
  8. Superior Replacements For All The Boring Stock iPhone Apps
    With every iteration of iOS, Apple tweaks its system software a little, but the default set of apps remains largely unchanged since launch. For many of us, these basic apps just don’t cut it anymore. Here are the best alternatives to replace them.
  9. Aussie Workers Want Free Food, Not Free Tech
    Being provided with a mobile phone or tablet is often viewed as a desirable workplace perk. The logic of that approach has often seemed questionable to me, and it seems Australian workers agree: we’re more likely to demand free office food than to be supplied with technology.
  10. Buying A New Smartphone At Launch Costs More: The Graph
    This should not be news: if you can wait even a month after the launch of a sassy new smartphone, the price will be much lower. We have known this for some time, but the chart above, from OzBargain, highlights just how widely that process occurs.


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