Kogan Selling Games: Can It Beat Harvey Norman?

Kogan’s brand-name importing continues to expand; the site is now selling a handful of imported console games as well. That puts Kogan in direct competition with Harvey Norman’s online gaming import site. Who comes out on top?

As Luke notes over at Gizmodo, the pricing is competitive but not necessarily the absolute cheapest on the market. As soon as I read about it, my immediate question was: is it cheaper than the Direct Import site which Harvey Norman launched last December?

Here’s what the two sites are charging, including postage for a single title (which is $4 at Kogan and $3.95 at Harvey Norman):

So that’s a pretty clear win to Kogan. It’s reasonable to point out that the Harvey Norman site offers a much wider range of games, though as the games come from Europe, delivery can be slower (the Kogan titles ship from Hong Kong). There’s also a slight risk with any import title that online play might not work properly (an issue Kogan notes on its product pages).

Bottom line? If you’re after these particular titles, right now Kogan is a little cheaper than Harvey Morman, but PlayAsia is cheaper again for at least some titles. The ultimate lesson? Shopping around still pays. But I don’t expect we’ve seen the last of this particular battle.


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