What Non-Kogan Products Would You Like Kogan To Sell?

Having apparently done pretty well selling other people's cameras, tablets and phones, Kogan appears intent on expanding its range of bargain-priced branded items, and has asked for customer suggestions on what it should move into next.

Kogan's blog is asking for suggestions for what it should sell next, though I'm guessing that there are some brands where grey-market importing isn't going to be practical. For instance, it's hard to imagine Amazon letting anyone else undercut it on the Kindle. Got your own thoughts on what Kogan should sell? Share them in the comments.



    Camera lens for Nikon

      opps.. looks like they do now...

        But not enough of the gooood stuff.

          yeh more glass and maybe even new bodies... if they get hands on Nikon d800 .... drillllll

    DSLR lenses, flashes, batteries, bags and tripods are often obnoxiously expensive and just painful to find/deal with buying. Would love it if Kogan expanded their range in that direction.

    HTPC's / hardware suitable for running XBMC. Finding a decent priced netbook with HDMI out or jailbreaking an ATV2 or finding someone with stock on any of the decent nettops is just such a freaking pain. All I want is something cheap and easy to run XBMC (or just a better media center solution than WDTV). And not some third party nobody uses it media center alternative that will suck either - XBMC capable or equivalent. And by equivalent I include plugin and skin library and support availability.

      as far as media center software goes, whats wrong with MythTV?? Skinable, can handle multiple dtvb cards, automatic advertising detection (based on 3 factors, its pretty good but it still makes mistakes), has plugins, would be using it myself if I could be bothered doing this kind of stuff.

      +1 for XBMC capable nettop PCs. I have an Acer Revo 1600 which I picked up for $200 a few years ago. Using it solely as an HTPC running XBMC Live. Plays everything I throw at it. I've recently tried to find something with the same specs for a comparable price but am having a really hard time coming up with anything.

    Baby products - babies are expensive and products seem to have a massive mark up. Kogan could shake them up :)

      How much did you party for your baby? :O

        *pay (obviously - bloody swype!)

          must've been a good party to get a baby out of it

    I wouldn't mind seeing what they can do in the Home Audio space. Sure they have the soundbar and a handful of clock radios.. but I mean proper Home Theatre system and full-sized stereos as well as computer surround sound systems etc

    Computer components! SSD. CPU. Is a good start. RAM.

    Personal sex accessories, if the box arrived with the label "Kogan" it wouldn't look sus.

    Blade Enclosures and Blades?

    Amiga OS4 Netbook would be great.

    PS3's, Wii's, X360's, maybe some grey import games... probably plenty enough around already though...

    Some good stereo grey imports could work too...

    What about Acer's dual-screen laptop?

    Motorola Droid RAZR

    Another vote for quality DSLR lenses!

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Seagate Momentus XT hybrid SSD
    amazon refuses to ship to aus :(

    WHITE Galaxy S II

      White Galaxy SII for $499 + Free shipping like the GSII price used to b.

      Get rid of the HTC's and stock the Nokia N9 or 800

    A media gag order for kogan

    I'd absolutely love to see Kogan expand his range of camera lenses, flashes etc, but I have a feeling this is a limited market.

    However, if he continues his policy of "purchaser is the importer" then should be minimal cost to him to offer this, and customers have the added advantage of local warranty. (assuming Kogan continues to offer local warranty on "buyer imported" items)

    I'd certainly consider Kogan over local retailers (too expensive) and overseas (no warranty) if the price was somewhere in-between.

    I want those TV back light LED things. The LED's that change colour depending on whats on your tv. Gives that ambient light effect.
    Ive seen plenty that can change colour to whatever you want, but the one that changes colour dynamically to whats on your screen is a home make job, but quite frankly I couldnt bothered with that. Much rather pay for the convenience.

    totally soured on kogan after ordering a tv from them that was using the liveprice system, then a month later (days before set was due to arrive) , they send out an email saying it was going to be another month before they were shipped...

    so doing a better job on the stuff they ARE selling may help!

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