Kogan Now Selling iPhone 4S, MacBook Air

Online retailer Kogan's expansion into mass market brands continues, with the site now offering the MacBook Air, iPhone 4S and Toshiba and HP laptops online. How do the prices stack up?

The 16GB iPhone 4S is $739, which is cheaper than Apple's official $799 price. Apple's price includes delivery while Kogan has a delivery fee of at least $19, so it's not quite as large a saving as it first looks, but still not a bad deal.

An 11-inch MacBook Air with 64GB SSD is $979, the 128GB model is $1279, a 13-inch model with 128GB is $1379, and the 256GB 13-incher is $1709. Apple's equivalent prices are $1099, $1349, $1449 and $1799. That makes Kogan cheaper than Apple direct, but not as cheap as the regular '10 per cent off Apple' sales seen at JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith and Harvey Norman. So as ever, shop around carefully.



    Excuse my ignorance but how is it possible for Apple resellers to undercut Apple? Are the resellers taking a loss or does this mean Apple are overcharging? The margins are not huge, but still......

      Apple charge higher prices for items here than they do in other markets like the US or Hong Kong (where Kogan gets its stock from and resells)..

        I think he was talking about jb and ds.

        Some companies sell things at discount or at cost, in order to get you through the door, then you buy some DVDs. A cover and a spare charger. Oh and their own warranty.

        Boom profit.

      I hate to say it because it is killing the retailers, but it's the same with TVs and other items.

      If you buy a TV, they make probably $50 on it, and they will try to up sell on all the other items with large mark-ups. That's why they push so hard to sell you surge protectors and $100 HDMI cables. You an get a similar surge protector from Bunnings or even buy a UPS from a computer shop for cheaper. And that $100 HDMI cable you can get for $2 off ebay (HDMI is a digital signal so it doesn't matter)

    According to Apple, Kogan is UNAUTHORIZED RESELLER therefore the Apple will not provide any warranty service directly to the customers who bought Apple products from Kogan.


      In any case, under Australian any service claims on a product should initially be made through the store/site selling it to you, not the manufacturer. Apple itself has tried to wriggle out of this (telling customers who buy non-Apple products through Apple stores to contact the manufacturer), but the responsibility lies with the seller.

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