Kogan Offers Free TV If Harvey Norman Or JB Hi-Fi Beats Its Price

Kogan Offers Free TV If Harvey Norman Or JB Hi-Fi Beats Its Price

As price matching offers go, this is potentially interesting: Kogan is offering to give customers a TV for free if they find a cheaper equivalent model at JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman.

The offer says that the TVs need to have matching specifications (such as panel type and size). My suspicion is that you’re marginally more likely to find a cheaper TV at JB Hi-Fi than Harvey Norman, but it’s not that likely you’ll spot one in either. I wonder if a JB store manager will be tempted to temporarily lower a price and score themselves a freebie?



  • Harvey Norman business plan:
    -Drop the price on a few key tvs so they’re making a (small) loss
    -Quickly get the word out to bargain hunters
    -Kogan has some financial strife as it gives away tens of thousands of TVs.

    It’d be a hard move to get past the accountants, but might get some great publicity.

  • Looks like they are changing prices on the fly. Certain models which JB have cheaper, Kogan have just changed them in the last 10 minutes …Make sure you have screen shots, sending them the links alone wont work.

  • ALso its funny to note that JbHiFi is actually alot cheaper than Kogan, and this is proving it how Kogan has had to re-price the items on top of JB offering Free Delivery AUS wide on all their orders atm…

      • I have one of their DVD bundled TV’s…

        The only good thing is that its easy to detach the DVD drive from the TV (the smaller one I brought that it) apart from that, warranty claims are also pretty smooth…

        I still stand by the TV should only be the TV… Separate units are always preferred when i buy new hardware these days..
        Personal preference…

        • What I mean is it’s basically Kogan’s “way out”. The first comment shows only one TV at JB that has a PVR (lol @ the comment on the JB TV re: “built-in PVR” too).

          I admire Kogan for challenging the retail market but sometimes he’s also the annoying cousin that just won’t go home.

          • Sometimes? I’m sorry but on (4 corners I think it was) he was such a bad person to represent the “digital/Internet” range of users… The guy clearly does not know what he is talking about half the time and is taking some people “lack of knowledge” and putting it into marketing…

            “This has a Sony Panel” in my books his Marketing leaves a very sour taste…

          • “The guy clearly does not know what he is talking about half the time”
            Ruslin Kogan is in his late 20’s and is already a self made multi millionaire. Regardless of the tech specs he does or doesn’t know, I’m pretty sure he’s ahead of the curve when it comes to good business.

  • is it just me or is that dodgy of kogan to change the competition so that they don’t have to give away free tv’s by lowering their prices in response to jbhi’s offer??

    • well I guess he’s entitled to do it before people take him up on the offer just like any other store might lower prices to avoid having to beat it by 5-10% – it still means cheaper prices for customers, which is good

    • Working now. Sort of.

      It’s quite clever what Kogan is doing. Even if no TV’s are given away, it makes Joe Average finally compare specifications before purchase, rather than be fed marketing/floor hype before laying down the cash.

  • Kogan is starting to look like a sham. the terms and conditions have changed numerous times throughout the day.
    Eg: the address to send the claims through to is now listed in the terms and conditions…earlier this morning there were no contact details list apart from the ‘contact us page.

    Also another t&c says you can email screen shots but unless they check the screen shots at the exact time of your email; then they will adjust accordingly….looks like there going make a joke of themselves with a BS offer

    • Agree. No response to my email this morning. Nobody will see a free tv, his terms and conditions cover him for any scenario. Why claim he has the cheapest prices and low margins when he just waits for the first email, decreases price and claims his price is better. Same as going to jb and negoiating a better price. Another one of his stupid campaigns but this time the Accc will have to investigate due to misleading advertising. It’s clearly designed to ensure no tv goes out for free.

      • I have to agree with the general consensus here regarding this campaign

        Whilst yes, he is offering a free TV to those who can spend the time trying to find a comparable deal. It’s not right for him to just change the Terms & Conditions as the day goes on.

        I sent an email through after I found a comparable TV at JB HiFi but I wouldn’t be suprised if I get a response back that says its not eligible because of an absurd technicality made at THEIR discretion.

        Also, I saw Ruslan Kogan on Q&A a couple weeks ago and to be honest, he came across as douche and very unlikeable.

        • In regards to changing T&Cs, the unfortunate thing is…

          17) The Promoter reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions without notice. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and must be construed according to the law of the State of Victoria, Australia and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in that State.

          • correct but if proof of a cheaper offer was submitted prior to the change of T&C’s (eg time and date stamps on screen shots) then they have to uphold their end of the offer and provide a tv or gift of equal value

  • Recieved an email from kogan this morning informing me that my ‘submission has been recieved and will be evaluated within 24 hours’

    Cant wait to see what technicality they use to get out of giving me a free TV

  • Got my submission response. Then later on their ‘answer’.
    When I submitted one, the screen resoluton was not identical and as such got the following answer:

    Thank you for your entry to Kogan’s “KOGAN BEATS HARVEY NORMAN AND JB HI-FI – OR IT’S FREE” promotion.
    Your submission has been evaluated and deemed ineligible under the terms and conditions. The reason for ineligibility is:
    • The Competitor TV you submitted has a resolution of 1366 x 768 which is an inferior resolution to the Kogan TV you submitted with a Full High Definition resolution of 1920 x 1080. (see Point 5(c) of the http://www.kogan.com.au/free/ terms and conditions). This means that the Kogan TV which you submitted has superior resolution to the Competitor TV and the products are not comparable under the terms and conditions.
    Several lucky claimants have submitted valid entries and will be receiving a Kogan TV for FREE.
    These valid entries arose after JB Hi-Fi responded to our promotion by temporarily dropping the price of one of their TVs by $197. Of course we responded, but this meant that for a brief period yesterday, JB Hi-Fi was cheaper than Kogan on one comparable TV.
    We thank you for your entry, and we encourage you to enter again if you find an LED or LCD TV from Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi which is cheaper than an equivalent TV at Kogan.
    We’re confident that we can’t be beaten on price, and that’s why we’re putting our money where our mouth is.
    Kogan are Australia’s leading online manufacturer and retailer of LED TVs and LCD TVs, and stock a huge range of other consumer electronics and home appliances. Compare our prices to big name retailers and you will be amazed at the savings. When we say we’re the best value, we mean it!
    Kindest Regards,

    • So… Long story short. “Several” people have gotten free TVs and their statement was that JB had dropped it’s prices.

      Gotta admit, this is one of the most carefully written emails I’ve ever recieved.

    • Yeah that’s what mine said.

      I guess I should of checked the specifications of the Kogan tv.

      Irregardless, their not doing themselves any favours by running a promo like this. It just gets people annoyed at how pedantic the company is. If you’re going to offer free tv’s and go on about how their not going to “make you run around rings” to get a market price etc. etc. people are expecting a pretty simple competition – find a cheaper price, get a free tv.

  • Facter in shipping of $80+ to Cairns and JB, The Good Guys or HN will win ever time. Haggle between the 3 and an ever better deal is to be had.

    Id like to try a Kogan but have never seen anything worth paying the shipping for over a more well know brand from HN, Good Guys, or JB plus dont have to wait a week for it to be delivered.

    Come on Kogan offer free shipping and you may pick up some customers out of the capital cities.

  • I can’t believe some of the comments here!
    1) With the attention this has got it seems like a very savvy marketing idea to me
    2) If anyone has bothered to read the terms of the offer, there are many TVs that can be compared to Kogan’s. For example, If you compare an LED with an LED, they both have USB recording, and they both have the same resolution, it is fair game
    3) I can’t believe people are having a go at him for reducing prices. So JB reduce the price of a comparable TV, then Kogan reduces it further. What’s he supposed to do – keep it at a higher price and give away 100,000 TVs? Please! The whole point of the promotion is that Kogan say they they are cheaper. You can’t expect him to go bankrupt because another company lowers their price.
    4) I’ve been following this pretty closely, and have already seen posts on Whirlpool, Gizmodo, and Twitter from people that have been told they are getting a free TV. Apparently there was only 1 TV at Kogan more expensive and that was only for about 15 mins or so.
    5) LOL at the scammers that expect something for nothing, and comb through the terms and conditions and then knock the promoter because they can’t find a loophole. If you are that hard up for cash, go buy a Kogan – they are obviously cheap!

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