DiskDigger Recovers Deleted Photos On Your Android Device

DiskDigger Recovers Deleted Photos On Your Android Device

Android (Rooted): They say the best camera is the one you have with you. But accidents happen, and recovering a deleted a photo from your Android device doesn’t have to mean popping out the SD card or running a recovery tool. DiskDigger can do the job for you, and it does it for free.

The last time we covered DiskDigger we were talking about its Windows version. The same team just released a version of its app focused on photos for Android, and it’s available now at Google Play. Much like the desktop app, DiskDigger can be set to scan your entire device or a specific folder for images that have been recently deleted. As with any recovery tool, the sooner you run the utility, the better your chances that you’ll see your deleted photo again.

DiskDigger for Android requires root access to run. Once the app finds photos to recover, it can either pull them back into your gallery, or it can email them off your device so you won’t lose them again. Ever accidentally delete a photo from your phone you wish you could get back? Do you have another tool that does the same job? Let us know in the comments below.

DiskDigger [Google Play]

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