Australian Businesses Scored $188 Billion In Online Sales In A Year

Yes, that figure says what you think it says. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, total Internet income for Aussie businesses in the 2010-2011 financial year was $188.7 billion.

Picture by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

When we reported last year's figure of $143 billion, many readers were sceptical. It's worth remembering that this figure covers all orders placed electronically, so there's a massive amount of business-to-business trade included. Roughly a quarter of Australian businesses accept payments online, according to the ABS.

The ABS notes that the figures for smaller businesses and enterprise could have a significant margin of error, but even cut the entire figure by 25 per cent, there's still a lot of business happening online. Now what we need is some sort of network to make it work faster . . .



    When I went to the UK, there was no complaining about the shift towards online shopping. No demands for increased taxation on imports, or online shopping in general. They just accepted it, and got on with it.

      If only we had a top-notch economy like theirs..

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