The Age You’ll Live To For Every State In Australia

The Age You’ll Live To For Every State In Australia

Australians are living longer than ever — whether you’re male or female, chances are you’ll be older than 80 before you die. Here are the life expectancies for men and women in every state in Australia — plus how many people died in 2013.

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) regularly calculates the life expectancy for Australians. Nationwide, women are expected to live to 84.3, while the life expectancy for men is 80.1 — the first time the male figure has crossed 80. (That’s been the case for women since 1990.) Here are the figures for 2013:

State Life expectancy — males Life expectancy — females Deaths, 2013
New South Wales 80.0 84.3 50396
Victoria 80.7 84.7 35916
Queensland 79.6 84.1 27901
South Australia 80.0 84.3 12804
Western Australia 80.3 84.8 13414
Tasmania 78.8 82.6 4444
Northern Territory 74.9 79.2 1097
Australian Capital Territory 85.1 85.0 1700
Australia 80.1 84.3 147678

The lesson here? Live longer by moving to Canberra.



  • If you look at the crude death rate for ACT, it is quite small. I’d say it has less deaths because it has a smaller rural population and typically you find people live longer in cities (greater access to medicine, hospitals etc).

  • Clearly you don’t know Canberra! I moved here from Sydney about 31 years ago. For the first 14 months I wanted to return to Sydney but I suddenly woke up and looked around.

    Canberra has every amenity that any large city offers and adds many more. No one in Canberra is more than 2 hours from excellent beaches and winter snowfields. There is bush walking, horse riding, kayaking, orienteering, just to name a few activities. There are more high quality coffee shops per square mm in Canberra than anywhere else in the world. Excellent restaurants are abundant. Air travel is convenient. Our morning peak hour lasts for about 45 minutes! The air is clean and heavy industry is confined to two suburbs well away from our homes but still convenient to get to.

    Canberra is also host to the very best public attractions that Australia has, The High Court, the ANG, The NMA, The NWA, the NPG, the Mint, the Arboretum.

    Canberra lacks nothing. People come here for a weekend and never scratch the surface, so they go away thinking the place is boring. It is not boring. It is a great place to holiday and a great place to live.

    • No beach 🙁 lived here my whole life and bloddy love it though. Beach trips to The Bay are required though. Close to the snow is nice too. Still haven’t mountain biked on kosiosko in summer though. That would be epic. Ainslie and black mountain are pretty awesome though.

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