Make Your Own Cocoa Powder

Make Your Own Cocoa Powder

If you love chocolate milk or stirring a little bit of chocolate flavour into your coffee, there’s no reason to buy an overpriced box of desiccated powder. You can make your own cocoa mix at home, ready for mixing, with higher quality cocoa. Here’s how.

We’ve mentioned how to make cocoa mix in the past, but that recipe was more complicated and is now subscription-only. The blog Sugar Bananas notes that cocoa mix only really has three ingredients: cocoa or powdered chocolate, sugar and a little salt. Depending on your budget and palate, you can spring for higher-quality cocoa powder to get a richer, deeper chocolate flavour.

If you’re feeling experimental, you can amp it up with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Do you make your own cocoa powder? Any additions to the recipe to offer? Share your tips in the comments below.

Homemade Nesquik [Sugar Bananas]


  • We found a commercial brand that we really liked (very Dark Chocolate flavour).
    We now make our own using the Nutritional Panel and Ingredients Listing for clues on the proportions.
    Cocoa Solids legally have to be listed as a percentage in the Ingredients – so Cocoa quantity is easy,
    Sugars listed in the Nutritional Panel are going to be 99% Sugar, so that’s how much icing sugar we add.
    We add 2% Chilli Powder and 1% Cinnamon and you’re most of the way there!
    Commercial mixes use a thickener (some sort of modified starch) which I believe helps to form a sticky layer on your tongue and therefore make the Flavour linger in your mouth and give it a creamyness.

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