Make Your Own Better-Tasting Instant Hot Cocoa Mix

Instant hot cocoa tastes like hot water with chalky marsh-things. Fire up your blender or food processor once, and you can stock yourself with creamier cocoa that tastes like it should

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We'd often save this kind of recipe post for a weekend, but considering how easy this is, we thought we'd try and improve your morning commutes and relaxing evenings.

Cooks' Illustrated makes a few key additions to cocoa powder to make their hot cocoa mix taste more like chocolate melted in milk. White chocolate chips for texture, dry milk for dairy flavour, and confectioners' sugar as the thickening agent. Toss it into a food processor until it's combined, and you've got a stash to get you through the cold months, or to give out as gifts.

Best-Ever Hot Cocoa Mix [Cook's Country]


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