Internode’s Simon Hackett Steps Down, But Joins iiNet Board

Internode’s Simon Hackett Steps Down, But Joins iiNet Board

We don’t normally track executive movements here at Lifehacker, but this is a significant one in the ongoing melding of iiNet and Internode following last year’s buyout: Internode founder Simon Hackett will leave his day-to-day role at the company in August, and will join the iiNet board at the same time.

In a statement, Hackett said that the rapid merger of the technology infrastructure of the two internet service providers — evident in such developments as Internode plans moving onto iiNet gear at exchanges, iiNet dumping peak/off-peak distinctions on some plans and greater access to Freezone content — meant it was appropriate to join the board:

The integration between Internode and iiNet technical systems has gone much faster than expected. While I will continue to represent Internode as I always have, I am keen to contribute at a group level, influencing the strategy of the entire iiNet group.

Hackett intends to remain based in Adelaide. Perhaps a more telling shift: Internode CEO Pat Tapper is also stepping down, and will move to Queensland where his family is based.


  • Just hope Internode can maintain its current levels of reliability, culture of personalised service and all the other things that have set them apart from all the 2nd-rate (and worse) players in this country. They have been a breath of fresh air in market full of some very bad apples.

  • That’s a nice win for the iiNet Group, and congrats to Simon.

    As a Node customer it’s sad to see Simon go (although I’m sure he’ll still drop by the whirlpool forums!), however the combination of Michael Malone and Simon Hackett working together is going to be great for the telecommunications industry in Australia.

    These two guys have both built great companies, so working together I think they will really open up the telco industry and force Telstra and Optus to lift their games in order to compete, as opposed to milking profits through consumer ignorance.

  • Having recently moved on from Internode and Agile (or more accurately, iiNet), as ex-staff I have nothing but good praise to share for the way the ship was run overall. It has been such a refreshing experience to have been a part of Internode’s growth over the many years I was there and I look forward to seeing the ability of iiNet now with Simon’s influence. I wish he (and Pat) all the best.

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