Internode Customers Get Some Freezone Content

The good news? As promised when iiNet purchased Internode, unmetered Freezone content is being made available to customers of both ISPs. The bad news? It will be quite a while before iiNet's unmetered iTunes and Xbox Live access will shift across to Internode.

As of last week, iiNet's Freezone gaming and broadcast content is available to Internode customers without counting against monthly download totals, and iiNet customers can similarly access Internode's the site without affecting their quotas. iiNet says iTunes and Xbox will become available eventually, but the process is slow because the measuring systems used by those services are quite different.


    As an internode customer, all i care about is the unmetered steam content, i was happy that i could download all 22gb of Rage and it not come off my quota.

      Has Internode's national unmetered steam gone to iiNet yet? Or is iiNet still only freezoning their own servers?

    I'm more concerned over thier policies, where they stand with such matters as content filtreing and the firewall deal.

    Congrats, your about 2 days late to informing everyone =)

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