Lunch Deal: Get Two-For-One Burgers + $1 Coffee At Hungry Jack’s

Lunch Deal: Get Two-For-One Burgers + $1 Coffee At Hungry Jack’s

Need a caffeine- or fat-injection? Hungry Jack’s is selling two-for-one Bacon Deluxe burgers and medium-sized coffees for just $1 today. With a friend in tow, the combined deal works out at under $4.

Hungry Jack’s has resurrected its Bacon Deluxe ‘Twosdays’ deal which offers two Bacon Deluxe burgers for the price of one. The offer will be available each Tuesday for the rest of July.

The total kilojoule count of two Bacon Deluxe burgers is 4700kj — so you’d probably be better off splitting the cost with a friend instead of scarfing the lot yourself.

In addition to the two-for-one burger deal, Hungry Jack’s is also selling medium-sized coffees today for $1.

Having been subjected to Hungry Jack’s coffee in the past, we wouldn’t recommend buying it for the flavour — but if you need a shot of caffeine to get through Mondayitis, $1 is pretty hard to argue with. (Incidentally, our local Hungry Jack’s claimed that its coffee machine was broken when we tried to take advantage of the offer. Hmm.)

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