Dealhacker: $2 Hungry Jack's Whopper Deal

Group deal offers at restaurants are standard fare, but fast-food offers are a little more unusual. From midday today, Scoopon is offering a $2 voucher for a small Whopper with fries meal at Hungry Jack's.

Our usual warnings about burger meals apply (short version: at least get the diet soft drink if you decide to add a drink). The voucher will be redeemable from March 15 (this Thursday) through to May 8, which if nothing else offers the prospect of a bargain Friday lunch (and one that's a fair bit cheaper than the recent summer value meal).



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      OK, So I just tried this myself and it turns out that they aren't charging $2 for the voucher. The voucher is free, you just have to pay $2 in store. It is a strange way to do it. Why not just offer a voucher on their website?

    Well look at the terms and condition:
    "Pay $2 in-store at Hungry Jack's® and present printed Scoopon to claim your burger"
    Scoopon doesn't ask you for the $2 , you pay them directly in store.
    I have registered for this a moment ago, and the email confirmation says that we can only get the coupons on 20th March

    Never used Scoopon before, but it does look pretty good. I tried to get one of these coupons, though when "processing my order," it just timed out after a few minutes (both in Chrome and IE.) Is this normal, or is there something I'm missing?

    Yep, 20 March, but it runs out on 9 Mar, some genius working on these idiot schemes, why not just make a pdf for the coupon available??!

    I think they should extend the scope of this offer, $5 pack of cigarettes anyone? I'm considering starting the Bizarro version of this site, calling it 'deathhacker'
    - Travel: Hot Spots this season - Syria, Afghanistan, Canberra.
    - Design: Make your own assisted death machine from shopping bags.
    - Fix: How to slow down decay with lemon juice.
    - Money: Prepaid funerals, do they stack up?
    - Communicate: Suicide notes, How long is too long for 'so long'?
    - Organise: Stack a shallow grave on a deep one to save space.
    - Work: Work.

    Awsome luv u jacks

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