How To Automatically Open A Set Of Links In Your Browser Every Morning

Most of us have a set daily routine, and that often involves visiting the same sites once a day — like your favourite newspaper, your email, and Facebook. Here are two extensions that will open all of your daily links with the click of one button.

Daily Links for Chrome

Daily Links lets you create a custom list of web sites — either from your bookmarks or by manually entering URLs — and opens those sites all at once on any given day. You can select which days you want each web site to appear, and choose what order the open in. For example, I have Lifehacker set to open every day, but the webcomic XKCD to only open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, since that's when it updates with new comics.

Then, when you start up your browser in the morning, just hit the Daily Links button in your extension bar and it will load all the pages designated for that day.

Morning Coffee For Firefox

We've talked about Morning Coffee before, and it's still a great extension. Similar to Daily Links, you can tell it what URLs you want it to open on which days, and then just click its button in the toolbar to open that day's links. Like I said above, this is great for sites that you only want open on certain days — for example, I have Lifehacker set to open every day, but the webcomic XKCD to only open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, when it comes out with new comics.

The bonus feature in Morning Coffee is that you can also set it to replace your home page, so that when you open up your browser in the morning, all your Morning Coffee sites automatically show up without you even having to click a button. This feature is still in beta, but in our tests, it worked splendidly.

Use Your Built-In Bookmarks in Any Browser

Lastly, if you don't want to install an extension — or the extension isn't available for your browser — you can get a similar experience with bookmark folders. Just create a bookmark folder with the sites you want to open, then when you sit down at your desk, just right-click on the folder and click "Open All In Tabs". The only thing this can't do is automatically remember your sites for each given day — as in the XKCD example I used above — but you could always create separate folders for that if you wanted to (named something short like "MWF" and TTh" to save space).


    Why not just use RSS?

    I used to have like 15 sites I'd visit every morning. Then I'd have to cycle through the Next links a million times because they were painfully short (like 10 articles per page).

    I switched to Google Reader and have never looked back. Hell I've been reading some sites daily for the last few years and don't even know what their "real" site looks like anymore.

    Mark this and thank me later.

    Use Session Buddy for Chrome. Very versatile extension. Make different sessions for different jobs for example (come on, take it further from 'daily')

    OR just go to the Homepage section in your browser and most browsers now allow multiple homepages.
    and then its like BAM

    Every morning Firefox opens all the tabs I had open yesterday without any extensions.

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