Top 10 Ways To Upgrade Your Daily Routine

Top 10 Ways To Upgrade Your Daily Routine

Every day we get up, go to work, go home, and go to sleep. Maybe our routines aren’t quite that dull, but they’re rarely perfect. Whether you feel the need to get more done or just feel better in general, we’ve got plenty of suggestions to help you upgrade your daily routine.

Note: This week’s top 10 is in the order of your day, not by rank or anything like that—assuming that you start your day in the morning, that is.

1. Wake the F Up

shouldn’t need stimulants to wake up in the morningDIY money-shredding alarm clockvideo alarmtoo comfortableneed a simulated sunrise for a gradual wakeupsome good, old-fashioned manipulationyou’ve had some great suggestions

2. Make Breakfast Fast And Cheap

shouldno-bake cereal bars to take cereal with you to worksuper oatmealmake breakfast in a mug in one minutemake breakfast for the whole week in five minutescereal omeletteFor an extra bonus,work out first

3. Go To Work Late (Or Early)

4. Better Organise Your Work Day

resolve with the aid of a camerare-evaluation of your spaceSaving 5-10 minutes at the end of the day for straightening upPriorities are importantdon’t go overboardthat’s counterproductive

5. Cut Out Tedious Tasks At Work With Text Expansion

comprehensive overview of the Mac OS X optionsAutoHotKeytext expansion primer

6. Enjoy Your Time At The Office More

your negativity could be poisoning the officepositive outlook can make a big differencetry a standing deskIKEA can help

7. Stay Productive All Day

timer can help keep you productiveif you use them effectively, that isestablish boundariessorting your communication through speed-appropriate channelsuse your door to communicate your availability
the endlessly versatile binder clip

8. Upgrade Your Exercise Routine

find the beats per minute of all your music in order to create the ultimate workout playlistcheck out Jog.fmwith the right apps for AndroidiPhoneunderstanding the secrets of your gymeating the right foods before, during, and after your workoutusing your breath and gaze to achieve perfect formquickly cure it by bending over and touching your toes for a few seconds to redirect the blood flowplenty of yoga options to try

9. Do Your Chores Faster And Easier

MacGyver-style cleaning tricks

10. Solve Your Sleep Problems

backlit screens are bad for sleepconsuming caffeine before bedBreakfast is also when you should eat your heaviest meal, eating lighter meals as the day goes ontop 10 dedicated to fixing your sleepcomprehensive guide to ending your sleep problems


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