Quick Links Gives You Easy Access To More Bookmarks In Chrome's Toolbar

Chrome: Quick Links is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you stuff 11 links into a single, covert button on your toolbar.

If you're not interested in keeping your most used websites listed in Chrome's bookmarks bar or menu, but still want the same quick access, Quick Links will place sites of your choosing inside a button to the right of the URL bar for easy clicking. Additionally, it will open the links in a different tab depending on which mouse click you use: right for an unfocused tab, middle for a focused tab, and left for the current tab. If you want to clean out the bookmarks bar or you don't want everyone seeing your favourite websites, this will do the trick.

Quick Links [Chrome Web Store via Addictive Tips]


    My gosh - keep on making useless extension peeps - this is what bookmarks bar for (yes it can drop down too)!

      Except this doesn't require the bookmarks bar to be visible (whole extra line of valuable vertical space!) and allows multiple app icons to be consolidated in a single icon space. Not my definition of useless.

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