Face Recognition: OK For Security, Bad For Facebook

Think it's cool how Google and Facebook can automatically identify people in pictures? That might put you in the minority.

Picture by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

A survey of 1206 Australians conducted by Unisys suggests that while we're happy for face recognition to be used in security applications such as border control or office access, we're a lot less content with the notion that Facebook and its rivals using it:

If you don't want facial recognition in Facebook, click on the drop-down area in the top right corner and select Privacy Settings. Find the Timeline and Tagging section and click Edit Settings. Under 'Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?, select No one.


    And if facebook openly gave law enforcement access to their data base of photos....

      then there'd be a lot of stuffed toys, pets and cartoon characters on the no-fly image search list.

        Like this one:


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