Gallery: Inside Symantec’s Melbourne Security Data Centre

Gallery: Inside Symantec’s Melbourne Security Data Centre

Symantec’s Melbourne Security Data Centre generates root keys for certificate authorities, a task that can’t be undertaken lightly given their vital role in online security. Here’s a photo tour of the rarely-seen and highly-secured centre, including the “Ceremony Room” used to generate the new keys.

Outsiders are rarely admitted to the centre, and no unauthorised photography is allowed. These pictures were supplied by Symantec following a tour of the location by technology journalists last week.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman travelled to Melbourne as a guest of Symantec.


  • lol what.. What are these keys even for.. They are physical keys.. Interesting article, though it still seems that it would all be for moot if 3 authorized people decided to fuck the world.

  • That was fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

    (And my dig at Symantec: I bet that after you leave their office and hand in all visitor tags and such, you’ll still find twenty of them in your pocket, so you need to call a number to get the tags taken off you. Couldn’t help it!)

  • I don’t understand this – what are these keys for – can anybody explain this? honestly I don’t get it – should have been explained in the article clearly

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