Dealhacker: Cheap iPads At The Good Guys

Dealhacker: Cheap iPads At The Good Guys

Online retailers have offered bargain prices on the latest iPad from the day it was announced, but if you fancy grabbing one in an actual store, The Good Guys is selling them relatively cheaply right now. Pricing ranges from $498 for the basic 16GB offering (compared to $539 at Apple) to $858 for the 64GB 3G model ($899 at Apple). [The Good Guys via ]


  • Hah. This sale started a couple of weeks ago I think. Went to my local Good Guys, and after looking for the iPads among all the Android tablets…

    Me: Excuse me, I’m just looking for iPads?
    GG: Oh, we don’t sell them.
    Me: Oh. You don’t sell iPads? I thought you had them on sale.
    GG: Nah, sorry, we don’t sell them.
    Me: (Holding open brochure) It’s just that I saw them in here.
    GG: (Takes brochure) Huh. That’s weird. It might be from anoth…
    Me: I got it from out the front.
    GG: Huh. That’s weird.

    Oh, Toowoomba.

  • Not sure why this was news…..
    I bought my iPad3 on the first release day for $820 (but I did buy two to get that unit price)
    Even so, unit price for one was $850 after some bargaining.

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