Dealhacker: Get Three $20 iTunes Gift Cards For $40 At The Good Guys

As we've noted in the past, iTunes gift cards are something you should never pay full price for — if they're not on special at one retailer chances are high that they will be somewhere else. This week it's The Good Guys' turn who are offering three $20 iTunes Gift Cards For $40; a saving of around 33 per cent.

'3-for-2' doesn't have quite the same ring to it as '2-for-1' and it also works out to a less impressive saving. Nonetheless, it remains better than the usual offering of 20% off. The deal will be available between 3 December and 9 December, 2013.

[Via OzBargain]


    When are the PlayStore cards going to be on sale, For that matter are they still exclusive to wollworths WHY!!!

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