Dealhacker: Apple Black Friday Sale

Dealhacker: Apple Black Friday Sale

As we noted earlier this week, Apple’s Australian online store is following its US parent and holding a one-day ‘Black Friday’ sale. The standout deal? iPad models starting from $534 for the 16Gb Wi-Fi model, which is cheaper than anyone else out there right now.

Not all the bargains are equally worthwhile. $50 iTunes cards are selling for $45 — a paltry 10 per cent discount which is much lower than the specials regularly seen at other stores. Right now, for instance, you can get better gift card discounts at Kmart, 7-Eleven, Myer, The Good Guys and Harvey Norman.

Similarly, while $121 has been sliced off the price of various Mac models, that’s not much different to the 10 per cent off sales regularly seen through chain stores. Hit the link for the full (and long) list of specials.



    • Except that Kogan will charge me $29 to ship to my address meaning a price of $548 compared to apples free shipping, so unfortunately I hate to say it.. apple is cheaper for the first time in history!

    • Yes, so true. I do not fully understand why an individual would buy an iPad
      (or many of Apple’s products, for that matter) for personal use directly from the Apple store when it is more expensive. I can understand businesses doing it though. No matter where you buy an iPad from (retailer, ebay, Kogan etc..) the warranty is valid for one year nation-wide and when you want to claim on warranty, you’re only dealing with Apple itself, not the seller.

  • Yeah i bought a macbook air a couple of weeks ago for less than this price… phew!

    Some accessories have decent reductions too, but not the HDMI cable i wanted 🙁

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